11 Best Paint Colors for Kitchens With Golden Oak Cabinets

‘Golden Oak’ cabinets are a popular choice for kitchens new and old, regardless of size or style of the home. It’s a reliable, classic wood that isn’t difficult to work around in the kitchen. As homeowners come to painting their kitchens though, issues can still present. Any oak-toned cabinets have a natural charm you don’t want to lose when pairing it with colors that could conflict.

Here are 11 of best paint colors for kitchens with golden oak cabinets:

1. Hazy Green Paint Colors

A neutral green is a great paint color for kitchens with golden oak cabinets, because it works well around earthy tones or eco-friendliness themed decorative elements. A neutral green doesn’t conflict with golden oak cabinets and is a go-to color for many interior designers. It has an ability to make your cabinets and stainless steel appliances look fresh and updated without you having to do a thing.

2. Neutral Gray Paint Colors

A lot of homeowners when they think of neutral tones, they immediately go to a dull gray. A kitchen gray doesn’t have to be so dull, especially when paired with other elements like golden oak cabinets. If you’re going to use gray in your kitchen, consult with your team of painters and try a few different hues before deciding on the one for you.

3. Green-Gray Paint Colors

A green-gray combination color is a beautiful honey oak complimentary choice. While blue-greens are lovely in bathrooms and bedrooms, a green-gray feels more natural in a kitchen. Combining colors, you want to avoid pink undertones in the kitchen or going with a similarly influential blues and violets. A green-gray gets you in the middle of a palette of quality, healthy kitchen-friendly colors.

4. Bright Blue Paint Colors

If you do go the way of choosing blue for your golden oak cabinet-adorned kitchen, a bright blue’s a method of bringing out the pale or subtle orange hues in the cabinets. In very few kitchens will you find a bright blue that works. It is one of the riskier colors and not popular, however, when a kitchen does pull it off, it can look unique, vibrant, and infuses the space with natural charm.

5. Soft Brown Paint Colors

Soft browns are one of the abundant color choices for kitchens that often get forgotten. Admittedly, there are more interesting colors on the color wheel that will jump out other than brown. A soft brown though is very attractive next to honey-esque golden oak cabinets. It perceivable helps to bring out the warmth in the yellow-y cabinets and adds a sense of depth that’s difficult to find in comparable colors.

6. Deep Red Paint Colors

A deep-but-not-too-deep red is another popular color that’s been paired with oak cabinets in kitchens for years. This is one of those colors that interior designers disagree on. Some believe it overly dark for a kitchen and will argue it looks dated compared to more contemporary neutrals. Then, there are others who argue that the right red can add a lot of warmth and Californian-esque personality to a space. It’s ultimately up to you to decide if you trust your eye on this color.

7. Creamy White Paint Colors

If you don’t trust any other color than white for the kitchen, that’s ok as well. Light, creamy white pairs exceptionally well with honey oak. Though it may seem a bit bland to others, white’s a comfortable color in interior design that gives you a fresh canvas on which to show off kitchen elements such as your cabinets and appliances.

8. Neutral Yellow Paint Colors

Yellow was a go-to color to paint golden oak cabinet-containing kitchens in the late 1990s. Although yellow works well, it isn’t necessarily our go-to choice. There are trendier choices in contemporary color matching. That said, some will still decide on yellow. Just be careful as a yellow can clash with tile and does little to enhance the wood.

9. Yellow-Orange Paint Colors

In the same vein as the previous soft, neutral yellow, a more orange-looking yellow can aid in bringing out the honey oak-ness of your cabinets. If you go this way, ensure surrounding accessories and furniture are not conflicting with your color. A yellow-orange can be a bold choice for some. Unless you really know what you’re doing, there are far more reliable choices out there.

10. Muted Charcoal Paint Colors

A muted charcoal is a very modern, trendy color in interior design. In a kitchen with golden oak cabinets, it can help to modernize the space while restoring some of the classic-ness of the cabinets you have. A well-painted muted charcoal is one of several hues on the black color spectrum you may find appealing to you. From blue-ish blacks to more neutral selections, a homeowner can really personalize the kitchen to them and their personality.

11. Medium Green Paint Colors

Once we move out of the neutral tones, a medium green is the next best thing. Rarely would a kitchen with golden oak cabinets be outfitted with a deeper green than medium on the walls surrounding it. Medium green brings out warmth while also adding a little bit of impact. If your space is a little drab, going for some impact with your kitchen paint color doesn’t necessarily distract from your golden oak cabinets. The results can be rather amazing!