12 Benefits of Goat Milk You Will Love

Goat milk is absolutely delicious, but did you know it’s also better for your body and the environment than cow’s milk?

Here are five reasons to switch to goat milk today:

1. It’s way closer to human milk

Goat milk has a chemical composition that closely resembles human milk. This makes it easier for the human body to digest.

2. It’s extremely nutrient-dense

A single cup of goat milk has 35% of your required daily calcium dosage and 20% of your required daily riboflavin intake. Goat milk is also high in protein, B vitamins (mainly B12), and potassium.

3. It has smaller fats

Note that “smaller” does not mean “less”. It simply means the individual molecules are smaller, therefore making them easier to digest.

4. It’s high in fatty acids

Cow milk is roughly 17% fatty acids, whereas goat milk is roughly 35% fatty acids. This makes it much healthier—fatty acids are some of the most important nutrients—and even makes it possible for many lactose intolerant people to drink goat milk.

5. Goat milk improves metabolism

Goat milk won’t make your metabolism faster, but it will improve how your metabolic system absorbs vital minerals like calcium and iron. This means goat milk may be able to prevent or reduce the effects of health issues like anemia and bone demineralization.

6. It doesn’t cause inflammation

One of the most common problems with cow milk and other cow-based dairy products is that they frequently cause inflammation, particularly in the bowels. Goat milk, on the other hand, rarely causes inflammation, and when it does the impact is far less severe.

7. It’s good for your joints

Any type of milk has calcium and is therefore good for your bones. Goat milk is even better because it contains a significant amount of bioorganic sodium, a mineral that promotes healthy joints.

8. It lacks toxins and additives

The corporate dairy farming environment pumps cows full of growth hormones and other toxins. When the milk leaves the cow additives are used to make it last longer and to “improve” the taste. These substances are rarely used on goats or goat milk.

9. It can actually help you lose weight

Goat milk does have a lot of fat in it, but that fat consists mostly of essential fatty acids and other healthy fats. This means it will fill you up quickly without slowing down your metabolism or contributing to weight gain. Used as an alternative to cow milk it can help you lose weight. Of course, you’ll only see significant results if you also make other changes to your diet.

10. It boosts the immune system

Selenium is one of the most important minerals for proper immune function, and it isn’t particularly common. Both cow milk and goat milk contain selenium, but goat milk contains a much larger amount.

11. It usually supports small farms

Most people drink cow milk without thinking, so the majority of goat dairy farms and companies are relatively small. These companies and farms are therefore more likely to treat their animals ethically and to use sustainable farming practices.

12. Goats take way less of a toll on the environment

A single cow takes up the same amount of acreage and food as six goats, making goat farming a much more sustainable solution. They also produce significantly less methane, a chemical that’s twenty-one times more potent at trapping the sun’s heat than carbon dioxide. In short, goats are much better for the environment.