12 Great Kitchen TV Ideas for Small Spaces

Check out these twelve kitchen TV ideas for your home. They will spruce up your kitchen and make it an entertainment hub.

There are many reasons you might want to have a TV in your kitchen. These could range from a desire to catch up on your favourite shows while you bake to simply sprucing up your kitchen for that edgy feel. The reality is that not many kitchens feature a TV. This is mainly because most kitchens are small.

There are, however, exciting ways you can add a TV to your kitchen, even if it’s a tiny one. The trick is to get the right-size TV and install it in a way that blends seamlessly into your kitchen décor. Make sure the TV is the right size for the space at hand. It should also be mounted, using a LED TV mount stand if possible, at eye-level to provide for convenient viewing. Also, keep a safe distance from heat-dissipating gadgets and greasy splashes.

Here are 12 great kitchen TV ideas you might want to try:

Idea #1: TV Near Windows

If your kitchen features large windows, niftily mount the TV in the box between them. While this is not a practical slot for a TV, it’s ideal for light TV viewing, and it beats not having a TV in the kitchen.

Idea #2: TV Blended with the Kitchen Furniture

How about seamlessly blending your TV into the kitchen furniture? For instance, one might hide it in a pull-out from the upper cabinets. While this may not be the perfect place in terms of eye-level convenience, you can at least watch the news or your favourite program without leaving the kitchen.

Idea #3: TV Mounted in a Corner

Having the TV mounted in a corner is an interesting kitchen TV idea. Almost every room has an empty corner, the kitchen included. This is an ideal place to mount your TV as long as it is not bulky. Besides the fact that a TV is a functional gadget, it also enhances your kitchen’s décor by niftily utilizing dead spaces.

Idea #4: TV above the Breakfast Bar

If your kitchen features a breakfast bar, that’s a perfect place to mount your TV. This way, it is at everyone’s eye-level, which means no one has to strain to watch it while sitting. This is a perfect way to catch up on breakfast news without interrupting your kitchen chores.

Idea #5: Floating TV

When mounted between a door and a cabinet, your kitchen TV appears like it is floating. The TV should not face the sink unit or the cooking area. This positioning allows one to take easy breaks to watch a show or two. Mount your TV near the window or door to allow entry of air and natural lighting.

Idea #6: TV Mounted above the Pantry

A pantry door area is often unused space. Since only the door goes in there, give it more functionality by mounting a TV for some uplifting background noise. If the pantry is set next to some seating space, you are in for a relaxing watching experience!

Idea #7: Built-in Wall TV

This is a perfect TV-in-kitchen idea for the architecturally brave. Carve out some space in the wall where you can mount the TV. The beauty of this idea is that the TV blends in without getting in your way.

Idea #8: TV as Just Another Appliance

You could look at your TV like any other kitchen appliance. In this case, mount it above an oven or a fridge. However, ensure you have adequate space for heat dissipation if mounted above the oven.

Idea #9: TV Against the Backsplash

The key here is to mount the TV beside the backsplash but separate from the splashing to avoid greasing it. Getting a bit messy doing something worthwhile is actually a good thing.

Idea #10: TV above the Dining Area

If your kitchen features a dining area, how about mounting a small TV on the wall above. While this position makes for an awkward viewing experience, it’s a perfect place if you are only interested in the background noise. To make the space look even prettier, add some wholesale home decor.

Idea #11: TV under the Cabinets

Most likely, your kitchen has ample spaces under the cabinets. This is the place we usually arrange utensils. If you can spare some space for a small TV there, perfect! This is a functional space from where you can watch your favourite programs or follow a recipe as you cook.

Idea #12: TV Mounted on a Shelf

Imagine a TV on the shelf next to other kitchen utensils. While this space is highly competitive, putting a TV there may be the only option at your disposal.

Having a TV in your kitchen has many benefits. Besides the fact that you won’t miss your favourite shows just because you are cooking, a TV in the kitchen is a perfect décor idea. There are many places you can mount one without interfering with the rest of the kitchen design. Some of these places include tight corners, against pantry doors, under and above cabinets, on the wall, as a pull-out, and other TV-in-kitchen ideas.