15 Best Kitchen Gift Basket Ideas for Homeowners

A thoughtful, inspired kitchen gift basket is a way to blend lots of unexpected goodies and items in an eye-catching presentation. You can put in food, kitchen accessories, kitchen-themed décor, and all sorts of materials and gifts.

Gift baskets allows you to cluster together many smaller items. This idea is perfect if you’re buying for the kitchen, a room where big, bulky items don’t generally hang around for long.

Are you planning to get a present? There are all sorts of kitchen gift basket ideas for you to consider. Here are the fifteen best kitchen gift basket ideas:

Idea #1: Oven Mits

New oven mitts are a nice upgrade to what a person may have already. If you know the colour or aesthetic the other person likes, creating a colour-coded kitchen gift basket might include these.

Idea #2: Dish Towels

If you’re building around a colour theme, this is another item that can further that. Most homes can’t have enough dish towels. Adding a few to your kitchen gift basket will help to bulk it up without going over budget.

Idea #3: Jars Of Jam

Small jars of jams or spreads add colour and excitement to a kitchen gift basket. There are many different spreads, so try to find something you know your gift recipient will like.

Idea #4: Sauces

Another place to take your gift basket is to the sauce aisle. The beauty of the sauce is it can be selected based on the person. Some may vibe with a truffle sauce, while others like a BBQ sauce. There’s also hot sauce, pizza sauce, soy sauce, tartar sauce, and lots and lots of various brands.

Idea #5: Premium Oils

Fancy olive oil or spiced cooking oil that your friend might not normally buy is a treat. You may want to look at olive oils infused with different herbs and spices, perfect for pizza and pasta.

Idea #6: Ground Coffee

If they’re a coffee lover, you almost have to throw in something coffee-related in a kitchen gift basket. Try for some premium coffee beans you know they love or a bean they haven’t tasted before. There are wide varieties out there, including lots that you can buy online or in independent stores that are well worth a brew.

Idea #7: Cocktail Shaker

This item’s only something to include if you know the other person is a regular consumer of cocktails, martinis, and similar drinks. You may want to pair this with some nice glasses or similar accessories.

Idea #8: Tropical Fruit

Trop fruits are tropical fruits stored in the vein of food and snacks your gift recipient might like but hasn’t tried. There are lots out there! Don’t go overboard with buying too much, though, as they can overpower your gift basket. You might want to combine 3-4 of your favourites, such as baby pineapples, lychee, kumquats, rambutans, tamarillos, feijoas, persimmons, or Asian pears.

Idea #9: Silicone Kitchen Sets

Food-grade silicone is a game changer in the kitchen space. They make it easier to blend food and cook. Try to find small silicone cooking utensils with things like a spatula, spoon, brush, and similar items.

Idea #10: Spice Variety Pack

Add some new spices to a person’s kitchen with a nice variety pack from your favourite brand. Someone with interest can also make their spice mixes. Put them in small mason jars, labelling them and boxing or bagging them together to create a nice feature inside their gift basket.

Idea #11: Linen Napkins

Linen napkins, or any reusable napkins, minimize waste and can be a luxury to any dining room table. They just need to be tossed in the wash when they’re dirty. They’re an unexpected gift many people end up loving.

Idea #12: Herb Seed Garden

A small herb seed pod and garden can be stationed in a kitchen and used to grow their favourite herbs. If you cannot find a seed pot kit that is small enough to fit into your kitchen gift basket, an alternative is to simply use herb seed packets. This way, they can still grow fresh herbs but can do so in their garden or a planter of their choosing.

Idea #13: Salt & Pepper Shaker

Especially if it’s a gift basket for someone who’s recently moved into a new place, a salt and pepper shaker set is a nice kitchen gift basket idea. It’s easy to tie these into a specific colour or theme or to match it to the individual’s personality.

Idea #14: Kitchen Cheat Sheet

A laminated kitchen cheat sheet they can put on the fridge is gold. A cheat sheet will go through all the conversions between cups, ounces, litres, tablespoons, and teaspoons. These can be downloaded online, printed off, and laminated, perfect for a baker or anyone cooking homemade dishes regularly.

Idea #15: Measuring Spoons And Cups

If they love to bake, go with it! A new set of measuring spoons and cups can lean on a colour theme or be made in premium material, i.e. brass. If the gift basket is large enough, tossing in a rolling pin and other items might be worth the inclusion.