3 Criteria for the Perfect Kitchen Sink

Like any restaurateur, you want your establishment to be ranked one of the best in your area. While your menu will definitely play a role in this, the quality of service your business has is of utmost importance as well. The employees that you hire will largely influence the service that you provide, but so will the cooking equipment that you use day in and day out. This includes cookware, appliances, and utensils, but one important piece of equipment that will influence your operations is the sink setup in your kitchen.

In order for the service in your restaurant to be the best possible, there are certain factors you need to consider when choosing the sink that will meet your needs.

1. Traffic

As a restaurant you probably have an ample amount of dishware, glassware, and utensils. If your restaurant is larger you probably have a dishwasher that efficiently cleans all of your dishes after they are used. However, if yours is a smaller establishment, you may not have the space or cannot justify having a big commercial dishwasher.

You need to make sure your sink can allow employees to wash dishes easily and be able to keep up with the demand for clean dishes. Not being able to could mean that your cooks or line staff are waiting for clean dishes and this will affect the speed and quality of service.

2. Needs

A restaurant may have many duties and responsibilities that occur largely in the kitchen. These can include cleaning, thawing, peeling, and washing. Some restaurants only have one sink to make things less complicated and to fulfill the duties they perform the most. Others have many because they are a busy establishment and also want to be in compliance with health codes.

When purchasing a sink for your restaurant, be mindful of the duties that you perform the most. This will allow you to choose whether you can get away with one or if you need many to fulfill different needs and allow your business to run smoothly. For example, most restaurants that serve food have a hand sink where employees clean their hands before handling food.

Compartment sinks are very popular among restaurants because an owner can choose how many compartments they require. They can be used for different duties such as rinsing, washing, thawing, and draining, allowing the establishment to do multiple jobs at once and be in compliance with health codes.

Mop sinks allow you to maintain a cleaning station where you can fill and empty buckets for maintaining the restaurant. Being mindful of whether you need one or multiple sinks will guide you in your decision.

 3. Size

Size definitely matters when it comes to choosing the right sink for your restaurant. One that is too small means that rinsing and washing cookware, glassware, and dinnerware could take longer and affect your restaurant’s ability to provide meals to customers in a timely manner. A sink that is too big will take up too much space and make it difficult for employees to maneuver and do their job effectively.

When choosing your sink, be mindful of the space available in your kitchen. Take measurements of the space where it will be located and be mindful of the size of the sink that you are considering. That way, you will be able to choose one that fits your kitchen perfectly. As mentioned, compartment sinks are very popular among restaurant owners because of their versatility in what you can use them for and ability to choose how many separate sinks you require. If your establishment is smaller, obviously a one-compartment sink may sufficient whereas if you have the space, a four-compartment sink would be best.