4 Advantages of Renting a Furnished Apartment

Moving into your first apartment can be exciting. After years of trying to save enough money to set out on your own, the time comes when you are finally able to look at doing so. As you begin to check what apartments are available to rent, it becomes clear that there are two basic categories: unfurnished and furnished.

  • Unfurnished obviously means that you will be responsible to furnish the unit with your own items.


  • Furnished means that it will include all of the basic necessities that you will require in your living room, dining room, and bedroom in addition to basic appliances.


While furnished apartments are far less common, they are available for rent and below are reasons you may want to consider one.

1. Easy move

Moving can be a tedious process. Your bigger belongings such as couches, dining sets, and appliances will require either a moving truck and/or a professional to help you transport them to your new apartment. Either way, the process will be difficult and time-consuming or expensive.

Moving into a furnished apartment will allow you to avoid moving anything accept your personal belongings. You will not be required to lug heavy items up and down stairs and elevators. Furnished apartments have everything you need, meaning you can bring the bare necessities to your new apartment and start to relax in no time.

2. Cost-effective

Getting an apartment can be expensive especially if you will not be sharing space with a roommate. Right off the bat you will be expected to pay two months rent, utilities, insurance, and groceries. As a result, you may not have a lot of money to spare at the time you take possession of your new place.

A furnished apartment will save you money because you will not be required to purchase any furniture that you may need right away. The apartment will already have all of the appliances and furniture that you need. This is especially helpful for you if this is your first apartment and may not have a lot of furniture to begin with.

3. Save time

If you are renting your first apartment, chances are you are anxious to take possession and start taking steps to make it your home. The thought of having to move a lot of bigger items may cause you a noticeable amount of stress as well.

Furnished apartments will save you time because you will not have to make elaborate plans, rent a large rental truck, or hire a professional company. All you need to do is pack your personal possessions and move them to your new apartment, allowing you to save a lot of time in the process. As opposed to taking a lot of time to settle in and set the apartment up the way you want it, you can be unpacked and relaxing within days.

4. Flexibility

You plan on being in your new apartment for many years to come but circumstances can definitely change these plans. Or maybe you only need short-term accomodations while you are on a business trip. In either of these situations, a furnished apartment would suit your needs and save you a lot of money.

Furnished apartments typically feature short-term leases or agreements that offer some flexibility. This is because they are geared to tenants who may have to vacate the premises on short notice. As a result, you can negotiate the length of your lease for anywhere from a few months to one year at which point the agreement will switch to a month-to-month basis. As a result, you will have the ability to leave if you need to without facing an expensive penalty.