4 Benefits of Cleaning Your Drains Regularly


Your drains are an important part of your home because they are responsible for funneling wastewater and sewage out of your home. As a result, you want to guarantee that they are working at all times and there is no imminent threat to their ability to operate effectively. Hiring a professional plumber can do exactly this for you, cleaning your drains and making repairs as required.

Below are reasons why you should have the drains in your home cleaned regularly, and in doing so avoid incidents that could leave you and your home in a big mess.

1. Clean & safe home

For your home and outdoor areas to be clean you need to have the drains cleaned regularly. This is because drains carry all the waste and sewage from your home. Therefore, you cannot have a clean and safe home if the drains are dirty and blocked. When this occurs, chances are very high that you may have leakages in your house and pools of dirty water.

Having stagnant water pools in and around your home can result in soil erosion, mold growth, and slippery surfaces. Blocked drains could also serve as breeding zones for mosquitoes and other harmful insects that can carry diseases. Having dirty and clogged drains in your home make it unsafe for you, your family members, and visitors and can result in injury, illness, and possible death.

2. Reduces blockages 

One of the most effective ways of reducing cases of blockages in your home is by having your drains cleaned on regular basis. In many instances, the accumulation of dirt in drains may slow the flow of wastewater and sewage from your house. The drains become blocked afterward and you end up experiencing overflow in your toilet, showers, and sinks.

Sometimes, the blockage may cause your sewer lines to start leaking or even burst, causing damage to your entire home. Having drains unblocked and repaired is significantly more expensive than having them cleaned regularly. It is wise to have your home drainage system cleaned often by a professional to avoid disasters in your home and spending too much money on repairs.

3. Reduces overall home maintenance expenses 

When you own a home, you need to make sure it is safe and clean. Cleaning drains is one of the home maintenance duties that you cannot afford to ignore and in doing so you are able to reduce home maintenance expenses. When you have your drains cleaned, it is possible to ask a technician to examine your sewer lines and have damages repaired before the situation becomes more serious and costly.

This is important because some drainage pipes in your home are metallic and rust after some time. There could be leaking, old drainage pipes that have been damaged by tree roots on your property that you may even be unaware of. A professional can only examine your drains and fix faulty ones if they are clean and this is cheaper than having the whole drainage system replaced.

4. Fresh air

You may have no fresh air in your home not because the house is not well-ventilated, but because your drains are dirty and clogged. Dirty drains may not stop wastewater from flowing properly and this can result in bad odours finding their way back to your house. Odours from drains are hard to remove and it makes it extremely impossible to enjoy fresh air in your home.

Sometimes, the odour may be so strong that your neighbours could start complaining and this can lead to embarrassment. Having your drains cleaned regularly is a great way to make sure there is no bad smell coming back to your home from the drains.

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