4 Benefits of Signing Your Child for a Dance Program

As summer approaches and schools dismiss children for the summer break, many parents struggle to find daytime activities to keep their children active and entertained. The best way to make your children’s summer break as enjoyable as possible is to try new activities that are not only exciting but also contributes to their overall growth. There are many options available for your children to explore and choosing the best can be a daunting task.

While general day camps and team sports have been historically popular and are still to this day, children’s dance programs are becoming increasingly popular. The feedback received from the children that have attended them is overwhelmingly positive. If you are looking to enroll your child in a summer program, the following are 4 reasons to consider enrolling your child in dance.

1. Fun & helps in discovering talent

Most children look forward to summertime but the time off can be boring if they do not have an activity to engage in. Summer dance programs are a good and fun way for your children to spend their summer. It gives them a chance to experience the joy of learning how to dance and perform to their favorite songs.

In addition, it is a platform for children to discover their talents and enrolling your child may just make them realize how good they are at dancing. They may love it and decide to make dancing their hobby, giving them a healthy outlet and something that will teach them to work hard, focus, and improve.

2. Make new friends

A summer dance program offers children an opportunity to expand their social horizons. Here, your children meet others from all different social backgrounds, religions, and genders and they will get to meet and interact with children their own age who have the same interests as themselves. As they interact with them, they learn more about other people and get to appreciate their diversity.

While your child may struggle with shyness, even the most reserved of people will come out of their shells as teamwork and collaboration with others is constantly encouraged. This increases their self-confidence and they often find the courage to connect with fellow participants and make new friends. Usually, the collaborative skills children learn during the program stay with them and make them become better at socializing outside of the program, allowing them to transfer skills to other parts of their lives.

3. Promotes physical health & wellness

Dancing is a form of exercise that helps in keeping children fit as it provides a great cardiovascular workout, increases their flexibility, and improves physical stamina. Dances moves often involves constant movement of the arms, legs, neck, and back and can also entail twists and jumps. These all make up a demanding physical workout and can lead to weight loss and improved muscle development.

Dance programs will improve the memory of your child as they strive to memorize different routines and they also develop their listening skills because they need to listen to instructions from their teachers.

4. Enhances personal growth

At summer dance programs, children have a chance to learn new skills. As they learn these skills with their peers they also get to express themselves through dance moves. This gives the children a sense of accomplishment and leads to improved confidence. Your child will also get an opportunity to learn and try out different dancing styles and discover and develop new preferences.

They also learn to work with others as some routines consist of a team and collaboration is necessary to ensure each person is working in unison. A summer dance program will allow your child to develop their creative side, improve their social interactions, and raise their self-esteem which provides a great opportunity for self-discovery at a younger age.