4 Elements of a Comfortable Apartment Rental

Whether you are business professional looking for longer-term accommodations, or looking for somewhere to stay with your family while on vacation, you want to rent somewhere that provides you with the comfort you deserve and has everything you need. People tend to choose a hotel room in these instances, but the reality is for longer stays it is definitely worth considering a furnished apartment rental instead.

If you decide to go this route it is not enough to make a reservation based solely on the fact it is considered a furnished apartment. There are certain things you need to look for when renting a furnished apartment. Being mindful of the following tips will assist you in your search.

1. Good area

An important factor in what furnished apartment rental you decide on is the area that it is in. If you are in a large metropolis that you are not too familiar with, you may want to consider a rental that is close to everything you need such as malls, grocery stores, banks, and the hospital. This will save you from attempting to find these amenities in other parts of the city and having to fight traffic or use a confusing and frustrating public transit system.

Also consult with the local police force to get a good idea of crime rates in the area you are considering. You do not want to have to worry about you or a member of your family becoming a victim of a crime in the vicinity of the furnished apartment you rented.

2. Size of rental

Imagine renting a furnished apartment for a holiday and it not being big enough to accommodate your whole family or renting a unit for school and having to spend 8 months or so and it being little bigger than a walk-in closet. You need to confirm that the apartment is big enough for you because if it is not, your stay will be frustrating and uncomfortable.

Make sure that there are enough bedrooms to sleep everyone comfortably. It may be tempting for you to rent a smaller furnished apartment for you and your family or rent out an extra room to someone if you are a student to save money, but if you will be in this unit for an extended period it is worth it to have the extra space to ensure your comfort.

3. Setup

You will be staying at your furnished apartment rental for an extended period and as mentioned you want to be safe and comfortable as a result. Before agreeing to rent the apartment, check out the security features to ensure you and, if applicable, your family are safe. Ideally, the building should have a key or card-controlled front entrance or a security guard or attendant to prevent unwanted visitors.

If you are staying with someone with a physical disability, you may want to consider a building with an elevator. Otherwise, you will need to consider a unit on the first floor. Confirm that the bathroom is big enough and the kitchen is fully equipped with dishes, cutlery, fridge, stove, and microwave. This will allow you to make your own meals and avoid eating most meals in restaurants that can be unhealthy and cost more money.

4. Length of lease

Renting a furnished apartment will entail you signing some sort of lease. Before signing one you need to make sure it meets your needs. Too short of a lease may result in you having to move out before you intend to and secure other accommodations. A lease that is too long may result in penalties when you vacate the premises before the agreed-upon date.

Some buildings that accommodate furnished rentals cater to short-term vacationers, people on business, or students who do not need a year-long lease. Confirm how long the lease is for before you sign as this will save you frustration and disappointment later on.