4 Furnace Tips for Beginners

When choosing a new furnace, it is pretty straightforward to compare various types of equipment and manufacturer specification. You might feel like you know exactly what you’re getting and be feeling good about your decision, but not so fast. One thing that can easy to forget about during the process of investing in a new furnace, is just how important the installation procedure actually is.

If the installer you choose doesn’t do the job properly, you might end up missing out on your unit’s actual potential and never achieving the quoted performance that made you buy the thing in the first place. You should think of installation day as the most important step in the life of your new furnace and be very selective about who you have helping you out.

Here are some tips to help you find a great furnace installation company that you can trust.

1. Start with the basics

Although there is no single criteria that is going to secure you a qualified furnace installer, you’ll want to start out by making sure that any company you are considering, along with the workers employed there, are licensed professionals.

Once you’ve established that you can expert at least a minimum standard of quality and workmanship, you can start to investigate more pointed questions in order to find the perfect person for your installation needs.

2. It starts with a phone call but should quickly progress further

There’s no doubt that the convenience of a quick, over-the-phone price quote is a tempting option as far as valuing your time goes, but you should be suspicious of anyone who is willing to provide a definitive answer without first visiting the property. In fact, until they have assessed the situation in person, it is impossible to provide an accurate estimate, and therefore you are likely hearing something they’re hoping will secure your business.

Even if they are doing so in good faith, it is likely that unanticipated issues could arise come installation day. The price could go up suddenly if they find complications with your setup, or, even worse, they could end up delivering a sub-par service in order to meet the price that they promised over the phone.

3. Be realistic about pricing

We’re so thoroughly conditioned to think that the lower the bid, the better the deal, but this philosophy simply doesn’t hold up when it comes to furnace installation. Not only will a top-notch installer insist on visiting your home before providing you with a price, but they will also be realistic about how much it is going to cost in order to do a good job.

A “budget” company makes their money by trying to pump out as many jobs as possible in the shortest amount of time. They won’t take the time to fully assess how to achieve the best results in your space and will be rushed when it comes to teaching you about your new heating system and how you can keep it functioning optimally.

4. Look for good reviews and a guarantee that feels sincere

The furnace itself should come with a warranty that covers faulty parts, but this doesn’t ensure that you’re protected if the culprit is lazy installation. It is possible that down the road you could encounter problems with your furnace that has nothing to do with the equipment itself. In this case, it will be up to the installer to correct the problem, and therefore you want to be clear from the beginning of the process that they will have your back later on.