4 Major Types of Roofing Problems

Far too many people pay too much attention to the inside of their home and not the outside. There is a very important part of your home that’s there – the roof! The roof takes a lot of beating daily from all kinds of conditions. While it is strong and can last for years, sometimes, for various reasons, it can cause problems.

Some may be small issues that you can take care of by yourself, especially if you are quite handy with this sort of thing. On other occasions, you will need to call in the pros. Let’s look at some of these situations.

1. Broken Shingles

The shingles (or tiles) go through a lot of stress and can be damaged by hailstorms and even strong winds. You may notice one or two split or broken shingles one day. While you may be able to give this a quick fix with a little bit of DIY, sometimes, if you are unlucky, extreme weather conditions can cause damage to a much larger area. This can be a more daunting task and should not be attempted to be fixed by you. Damage caused by hail or storm is best left to the experts. You should get in touch with a professional roof contractor to do the job properly.

2. Shrinkage

Under the tiles, there is a membrane that helps remove water off the roof. These can be made from several materials, such as synthetic rubber. They prevent water from getting into the home. After some years, they can shrink, which means they will have to be replaced. This is a job that is best handled by the experts. Unless you are a retired ex-roofer, try not to handle this job on your own.

3. Cracks & Punctures

Whenever there is a strong wind or a hailstorm, your roof is susceptible to being hit by flying debris. Some of this debris may be capable of puncturing or cracking the surface of the roof. When this happens, DIY is generally not the recommended procedure. Only a professional contractor can look for further damage and other dangerous issues. You will not be able to know the full extent of the damage, which means you may not do a good repair job.

4. Ponding Water

A major cause of roof leaks is something known as ponding water. This can also cause significant damage to the roofing material. This kind of thing happens when water is not properly drained and it collects on your roof, hence the name ponding water. If this stays like that for long periods, you can expect that it will cause a lot of damage, especially to the coatings. Flat roofs tend to get this kind of problem much more than other types of roofs. Only an expert should handle this, as it could require replacement and even resloping.

One other problem worth mentioning is ice damming. This problem in winter can cause several roofing problems. If this melts, it can get under the shingles. This moisture can get into your home. To prevent this, you need a professional roofer so that it won’t happen again.