4 Proven Methods of Weed Control

When you have a garden, you want to take care of it and keep it looking beautiful and healthy. You want it to be your pride and joy while you catch neighbours giving your garden envious looks! However, it can be frustrating to have to deal with weeds.

Initially, you may want to tear these uninvited intruders to shreds, but it can get pretty tedious. You need to have a strategy to beat these guys. Weeds can be incredibly persistent and can keep popping up all the time. Let’s look closer at some lawn control methods to control weeds and save your knees from abrasions!

1. Fight Them Early

Whenever you are in the garden, keep a lookout for weeds and also the type of conditions that weeds favour, for example, a thin patch in your lawn. If you see weeds popping up, get rid of it early, because this will prevent them from spreading. A good time to pay your garden a visit is just after it rains.

2. Use Proper Garden Tools

If you are going to be working in the garden with the emphasis on weeds, then make sure you are properly equipped so that you can do a good and effective job. That means having the right tools. A sharp weeding knife that has a narrow blade, a garden hoe, a trimmer and a good weeder. You will also require a good pair of gloves, knee pads and a bucket.

3. Dig Out The Root

Some people make the mistake of not digging out the root. Just taking the leaves is not going to do the trick because the weed will just grow back. If you cannot get at the root, then try chopping off the weed heads regularly because this stops them from seeding and may also kill them.

4. Mulch

A layer of mulch will do several things that is beneficial to your garden. It can deprive weeds of the light that they need. Since they will be left in the dark, they will probably die before they can establish themselves in your garden. About 5cm. should do the trick. Your plants also benefit because it keeps the soil cool and moist. If you use organic mulch, it can attract certain critters that will eat weed seeds and prevent them from spreading. You also need to replenish the mulch when you think it is needed but remember to keep it about 5cm. deep. Too much and you may deprive the soil of the oxygen it needs.