4 Reasons to Update Your Home Alarm System

Your home is the biggest investment of your life. That’s why, when it comes to protecting your house, no expense should be spared. With huge advancements being made in technology, there is no wonder home alarm systems have gotten savvier. With everything available on the market these days, it is essential to know what you are looking for to safe-guard your home.

1. Go Wireless

There are two types of systems you’ll be able to find on the market. However, the majority of what you’ll see is a combination system of wireless, and hardwire devices. While shopping for a new system, it is essential to avoid any that use an analog phone line. These systems are obsolete, will be phased off of the market. Ideally, you should look into getting a system with wireless communication, or cellular back up. Having cellular capabilities, means that your system won’t go down in a power outage. This is because, it will run off of a cell system, and not a power line.

2. Smart Systems

Technology has made it possible to help mitigate the damages caused when an emergency accident does happen. This is why, safe-guarding your home, for every possible hazard, is essential. Having this system means that when an alarm is tripped, your predetermined settings will automatically respond, regardless if you’re at the home, or not.

For example, if the fire alarm goes off, you can program the smart system to respond by contacting the authorities, and unlocking the front door. In case of an emergency, this automated system can save you precious time in getting out of the home, and ensure help is sent your way in case you are injured.

3. Self- Monitoring Systems

This is a great addition to the automated system. A self-monitoring system is something that every home owner can use. It will give the owner the ability to watch what is happening in, or around, their house from their smart phone. This means, if an alarm is tripped, you will have access to cameras, and devices around the home. This can allow you to react accordingly, and contact the authorities, or determine it was a false alarm.

A self-monitoring system means, if someone breaks into your home, you’ll get a phone call, text, or email, notifying you of the situation, and you’ll be able to watch the action from your phone.

4. Asset Protection

If you have very valuable items in your home such as a jewelry, cash, or art, you are able to get a ‘asset protection’ alarm, just for them. Asset protection devices will let you know when the item of your choice has been tampered with.

For example, if a jewelry box was opened, or moved, an alarm will go off, and you will receive a notification. This is important to know who has been tampering with your valuables, or act as a final trap for burglars.