4 Shopping Tips for Dining Room Furniture

Furniture is an investment that’s supposed to last years, especially when you’re buying dining room furniture. If you’re not careful and make hasty purchases, you may end up with buyer’s remorse in less than five years. Quality dining room furniture should last you a decade at a minimum. This blog post looks at different tips that will help you purchase furniture that lasts!

1. Always Go For Quality Over Quantity

Quality furniture always lasts longer and looks better than discount items. It’s tempting to buy furniture from the bargain section to save money, especially if you’re transitioning into a new phase of your life. If you’re a college student furnishing a new place or a first-time homeowner, the financial strain can get you to buy items of a lesser quality. Trust us when we save it’s worth your money to buy with quality in mind.

A quality leather couch will last you decades compared to a discount couch that will start peeling at about year 4 or 5. The sad thing about discount furniture is the flaws don’t show up right away which leaves you thinking everything is fine. Furniture is a long-term investment and any piece you buy you should expect to last you for at least the next decade.

2. Avoid 0% Down Deals

0% down deals never work as well as you think they will. A lot of these deals are considered predatory and prey on people who want to furnish their whole house at once despite not having the budget for a redecoration. In order to compensate for you giving you 0% down on your purchase, most furniture stores raise the costs of their furniture items.

Most markups are completely unreasonable and avoidable if you’re willing to wait a bit longer and buy your pieces one at a time. 0% down deals make you feel like you’re getting free money; however, it’s just a trick to get you to pay into a terrible deal that only benefits the furniture store.

3. Pay Special Attention To Your Dining Room Furniture

If you want a wood dining room table make sure you go for a quality hardwood such as walnut, oak, maple or mahogany. Another tip is to stay far away from tables with a think coat of veneer. Thick veneer coats tend to peel and lift away from the table over time. Tables heavy on veneer have a plastic feel that lowers the overall quality of the piece.

The final component of choosing a quality dining room table is to make sure it’s a good fit for your dining room. Paying attention to the fit is especially important if you have a small dining room. Keep in mind you need to be able to comfortably walk around the dining room table and leave room to serve and enjoy the food.

4. Inspect All Wooden Items

Quality wood furniture introduces a natural beauty into your home that simply cannot be replicated by any other material. Wood furniture comes in many different styles and levels of quality, which allows you to experiment with different décors. Word furniture is usually made of hardwood, engineered wood or softwood. The more expensive types of wood furniture are made using fine hardwood that is incredibly resistant to scratches, splits, and warping.

When buying wood furniture, always assess the construction of the item. Wood furniture items with reinforced corners and dust panels are much likelier to be high-quality items that last a long time. Another factor to look for is wood items with a good finish. A great wood finish is the result of many hours of painstaking staining and sanding to reach a beautiful final product.

When inspecting an item, look at it from all angles to look for uneven tones, scratches or blotchiness. High-quality wood pieces have a depth and richness that can only come from multiple coats, evenly finished on all sides. Make sure to thoroughly inspect your wood items before making a final decision.