4 Ways to Enjoy the Most Out of White Wine

You are planning a dinner party with some friends, family, members, or colleagues, most of which are avid wine drinkers. You want the occasion to be perfect and you are proud of your ability to pick the right type of wine. However, there are so many factors to take into account sometimes and while you cannot go wrong with most types of white wine, some definitely are better than others and more appropriate in certain circumstances.

Below are 4 of the most important factors to consider when choosing a white wine and being mindful of them will ensure you pick the one you need and will impress your guests the most.

1. Aroma

When you drink wine, you need to enjoy how it smells. This is because when you go to take a drink, your nose comes into close contact with the wine and if you dislike the aroma, it will definitely turn you off no matter how it may taste. Also, part of the experience is the fine aromas that wine gives off which is why wine-drinkers take their time before tasting it to breath it in.

To guarantee that the wine you choose has a nice aroma, try a few samples at the store where you will be purchasing from. That way, you will know exactly what hints it will give off and you will not be disgusted or disappointed after cracking open the bottle after you buy it.

2. Foods

Part of the fun of choosing wine is effectively pairing it with what you will be eating with it. While all of your pairings will not be perfect, it is very satisfying to choose a white wine that complements the food and brings out all of the flavours in it.

When buying a white wine online or in-store, be mindful of the food you will be serving with it. While red wines are known to go with red meats and foods rich in flavour, dry white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay are reserved for lighter, creamier dishes as well as fish, pork and salads. Wines that are sweeter such as Rieslings and ice wines are better for fruits and desserts.

3. Preference

People who are not avid wine drinkers make the mistake of thinking that all of them are the same. However, when it comes to white wine, there is a wide array of flavours and aromas. Therefore, one person may like one type of white wine but dislike another.

Before settling on a white wine, take into account the descriptions used on the bottle. Round means that the wine has a smooth texture and creamy means it is smooth but not acidic. Oaky refers to the hints of oak in the taste and dry means it is not sweet at all. These are just some examples of the terms that may be used on the bottle of white wine and will guide you in your choice.

4. Taste

Like anything else that you may drink, you want your glass of wine to be tasteful and enjoyable. Otherwise, you will be turned off from drinking wine altogether which would be a shame because as mentioned there are many different types available and disliking one does not equal disliking the rest.

There are many different factors to affect the taste of a white wine and these will help you decide on what you should purchase. The grapes used in the making of the wine can greatly influence the taste of it because different grapes will produce different flavours. Tannins, a natural substance that affects the dryness of the wine, will also influence the taste. As a wine matures the tannins become more prevalent, resulting in a sweeter, crisper taste.