5 Benefits of Buying Boxed Wine

The popularity of boxed wines have increased over the years. In the past, boxed wines were not very good which is why it was not a popular choice and this hurt it badly. However, boxed wines have improved tremendously but unfortunately, it has been a struggle to get over the initial perception that boxed wines are poor quality.

There are some nice benefits and advantages of boxed wines which more people need to realize. Over the years, progress has made this a great choice and the sooner more people realize it, the better. Let’s take a look at why boxed wines make a great choice.

1. Storing Leftover Wine

When you drink wine and there is some leftover, you need to store it, but the wine will degrade quickly. A lot of quality is lost. You can store a bottle of wine perhaps for a few days in the fridge but with a boxed wine, it can keep for several weeks. It stays fresh for much longer.

2. Best Value

When it comes to boxed wines, you just can’t beat it for value. When you buy wine in a box, you will get more wine and pay less for it than any other form, including in large bottles, such as a magnum. Unlike before, as mentioned earlier, this does not mean that the quality of wine is any lesser. It is just that there are not so many overheads to consider, plus it is also eco-friendly.

A boxed wine has no glass, corks, foil or screw tops to contend with, all of which will raise the price, including being pricier to ship. For the best value, you can even use the wooden wine boxes as a unique gift idea.

3. Easier To Transport

If you are going to a party or a dinner or even a vacation, taking boxed wines is so much easier to carry and transport. Bottles will take a lot more room and can also end up weighing more. Supposing you decide to buy the wine at your destination, it may actually be too late, or, it could cost more. With a boxed wine, not only is it cheaper, but it is much easier to transport it.

4. Clean & Durable

Boxed wine is considered more durable when compared to bottled wine. The wine is contained within a strong food-grade plastic. In fact, polyethylene is a safe plastic and does not influence the taste or quality of the wine in any way. Many people are turned off by this fact, though. If only they can get past this, but it can be difficult for them to accept wine in plastic. However, even bottled wine can go through a range of what is known as wine faults. For example, a cork taint can affect one in every ten bottles.

5. Impact On The Environment

Transporting boxed wine is cheaper and easier and these savings are passed on to the consumers. It is also cheaper for distributors and wine makers. Many people are now more conscious of their decision-making due to the impact it can make on the environment. By purchasing boxed wines, you are actually helping the environment as well.

It may be difficult for wine connoisseurs to accept or drink boxed wine but how many of us are really wine experts? It may not be for everybody, but boxed wine has grown more popular, as has the quality.