5 Cooking Tips to Enhance Flavours in Your Pizza Oven

Each year, North American consumers spend approximately $50 billion on pizza. We all love the dish, whether it is topped with pineapple or pepperoni, olives or onions. But we haven’t truly tried authentic pie until we have eaten one baked inside of an outdoor pizza oven.

Outdoor pizza ovens allow you to imbibe pie the way it is supposed to be eaten. Having one in your backyard isn’t just a great way to satisfy your appetite, it’s also a great décor piece. That said, we aren’t culinary experts, chefs or descendants of genius pizza makers. In other words, we may not be able to successful utilize an outdoor pizza oven for our vegetarian, Hawaiian or meat lover’s pizza, but you will become accustomed to it.

Don’t you fret. After just one use of an outdoor pizza oven, your pizza obsession will intensify. Here are five tips to enhance flavours in your outdoor pizza oven food:

1. Change the Kind of Wood

When you’re fiddling around with an outdoor pizza oven, you’ll be working with a lot of wood. Although many will say that you should stick with one kind of wood, you should always experiment with various types of wood in your outdoor pizza oven.

Almond, pecan or apple wood. There are so many varieties to choose from. You may be apprehensive at first, but the more you use these ovens, the more you’re willing to try it out.

2. A Pizza Stone Will Help

Here is one thing you will discover almost immediately: your pizza stone is your best friend.

Once you utilize the pizza oven a few times, you’ll come to realize that the pizza stone enables a higher and consistent overall temperature. This is essential for sublime pie, particularly if you want everything heated up evenly.

It is true that you can opt for a metal or aluminum pan, you should select a pizza stone.

3. Modify the Internal Temperature

Whenever you bake pizza at home, you get frustrated by the fact that the pizza never gets fully cooked: one part is crispier than the other, one part of the crust is harder than the other, the cheese is watery.

Well, the rudimentary trick is to modify the internal temperature throughout the baking process by adding an aluminum insert or baking steel.

4. Complement Your Cooking with Other Products

During the buying process of your outdoor pizza oven, you will likely come across a wide array of complementary and official products. Some are unnecessary, some are great additions.

Prior to buying the outdoor pizza oven, you should do your due diligence and necessary research to find out what can enhance your cooking endeavour. You never know when another factor can immediately improve the baking process.

5. It’ll be Tough; Don’t Concede Defeat

We will be honest: baking a pie using an outdoor pizza oven will consist of trial and error. For the next several attempts, you will make plenty of mistakes. It will be tough.

But you should never give up. You must never concede defeat in your quest for quality pizza.

It will be difficult your first three, five, eight or 12 times. After that, you will be a pizza expert and you’ll be able to cook your pie in an outdoor pizza oven with your eyes closed. Well, we couldn’t recommend doing that, but you know what we mean.

Are you sick and tired of ordering pizza? Are you disgusted by frozen pizza? Don’t want to waste money on pizza at a restaurant? Well, perhaps it’s time to buy an outdoor pizza oven. You will discover how much fun it will be to make your pie. Putting together the crust, making your tomato sauce, topping your pie and fusing various kinds of cheeses, and then topping it off with an outdoor pizza oven.

When it’s cooking, you’ll attract the neighbourhood with delicious aromas and tastes.