5 Home Renovations With Barbed Metal Ribbons

Grip designed metal is an innovative, metallic, ribbon-like strip with a smooth surface on one side and a barbed surface on the other. The barbs act like Velcro on non-shattering surfaces to adhere the structure together for a strong, solid, reinforced connection. Once the protruding pieces latch onto a surface, they form an unbreakable seal, holding the parts together firmly and securely.

The barbed protrusions range in size from less than one millimeter in length to over two millimeters, depending on the project’s needs. There are different types of the metal ribbon including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and titanium. The metallic ribbon adheres quickly and easily to wood, vinyl, concrete, other metals, plastic, and rubber.

The demand for versatile fasteners has grown significantly in the commercial and industrial industries because it is cost effective, lightweight, flexible, and easy to install. It is perfect for construction of large projects like bridges, buildings, houses and other residential buildings. It also works superbly on machinery, furnishings, and other necessities. Because it is made of different metals, gripping metal strips can be customized for any large or small scale project.

Barbed metal ribbon is also superior for many home projects as well. Some of the most popular residential projects that you can use the barbed metallic strip for includes:

1. Roof

Many professionals are turning to sealing ribbon to attach their shingles to the top of their home because it is easier and cleaner to use. The ribbon-like device holds the roof tiles to the house top securely and easily for a longer lasting, less messy, hold.

2. Furniture

Many indoor and outdoor furnishings use ridge hinges to hold the framework and pieces together. But rather than risk breaking the frame or causing other installation problems related to using unmoveable hinges with screws, barbed grip strips provide a more secure and permanent merging of the pieces. The strip can be cut to fit the unit perfectly. It’s flexible movement guarantees are proper fitting, light weight seam support.

3. Garage Construction

Garages are must-have buildings for many property owners. While most new designs have attached car ports on the home, some older models and locations have their car houses as an additional buildings, separate from the main residence. Building a garage is easier when titanium metal strips are used. The metallic tool will easily hold the framework, sidings, walls, roof, and interior shelving in place for a solid, long lasting building.

4. Sheds

Sheds are convenient and useful buildings for storing all your outdoor tools and yard accessories. They come in different sizes, depending on your household needs. Many come in pre-fab kits but some savvy carpenters build their own storage facilities. Barbed ribbon pieces are perfect for holding your small building together for a durable, secure, outdoor structure to hold your outdoor essentials.

5. Cabinets

Joining sides or backing together is commonly done using nails, glue, and other customized pegs and bolts. Gripped sheathing can be custom cut to fit your cabinetry and provide a more secure fitting. The different types of natural resources used will compliment your decor. Because the fabric does not melt, rust, dry or crack, it is an easy way to secure your cabinetry for high functioning, reliable, cupboard space.

Metallic grip ribbon is an innovative construction material frequently used for many commercial and industrial projects. It is durable, lightweight, cost effective, environmentally friendly, strong, and easy to use. Many homeowners have begun using the gripping sheathes for their personal house hold projects. The fabric is easy to use and provides long lasting support for many buildings and features in and around your home.