5 Questions to Ask Your Lawn Care Company

Your lawn can have a significant impact on your home. If your grass and flowerbeds aren’t in immaculate condition, you may find that your home loses value over the short-term. Many simply don’t have time throughout the week to attend to lawn care issues.

And during the weekend they want to spend time with friends and family and not on home maintenance tasks. If you find yourself in this position, it’s important you connect with a local lawn care company.

To help guide you in choosing the right specialist for your needs, we’ll explain five questions to consider when choosing a lawn care company in this latest post.

1. What is the Company’s Reputation in the Local Market?

When looking for lawn care companies, it’s important to take into consideration the company’s reputation. Does the firm have the strongest reputation of any provider within your local region? There are many ways you can learn more on the company’s reputation and their past work with previous clients. For example, you can turn to online reviews and testimonials. Look for information on how the company helped the client and what they did to ensure the client’s lawn was maintained expertly. Consider also asking for references from the company, because then you’ll be able to ask the client directly about the company and their work within the client’s home.

2. What Insurance Does the Company Have?

When evaluating the potential value of a company and their services, don’t forget to consider the insurance coverage the company has for their team. The level of insurance provided will highlight the type of protection your lawn will receive should the company make a mistake in the care process. You might also consider whether the company has protection for on-site team members, as without this protection, you could be held liable for any injuries that occur on your property. Consider all insurance options offered by the company and make sure you’re comfortable with the level of protection provided.

3. Does the Company Have a Commitment to Customer Service?

It might not be easy to determine a company’s commitment to customer service immediately when working with them. You might have to come to this conclusion over time, and after multiple discussions with their team members. A company with a high-quality customer service team will be able to respond adeptly at a moment’s notice to your enquiries. Does the company work to answer your questions? Do they provide you with detailed information on their services and on their personnel? Make sure the company you choose will treat your lawn with the respect and care it deserves, and provide you with a professional service.

4. Do They Offer Regular Maintenance Work?

When working with a local lawn care company, it’s important to learn more on their service options and how you can work with them to keep your lawn in pristine condition throughout the year. Many companies now offer regular maintenance work such as hedge trimming and grass mowing so that your lawn is the envy of the neighbourhood.

5. Does the Company Specialize in Pest Control?

In addition to their lawn care work, the company should also be able to identify the impact of pests on your home and respond to this impact with professional services. For example, they should be able to identify fire ants on your lawn and use the latest treatment products to completely eliminate their presence. White grubs and moles are two common pests that the company should be able to counteract as part of their services.

Make sure you speak with your lawn care specialist about their latest options. Use the questions within this post as your guide, and ensure you only sign service contracts when you’re happy with the answers provided.