5 Questions You Should Ask Your Moving Company

The home movers in charge of your moving process should have the commitment to quality of service and the understanding to maximize the value of their work. But it can be difficult to select a company when you have little time to research the local marketplace.

And so to help you ensure the quality of the moving team for your upcoming move, we’re highlighting the questions to ask your home movers before the upcoming move.

1. What is your experience?

Before you begin to choose home movers, make sure you know more about their experience and their understanding of the moving process. Has the company been in operation for many years? Ask the company for their background and information on the team members who will be completing their move. In some cases, working with a smaller company can be an advantage because you know exactly who will be working with you within the moving process. While in other cases, you might wish to have the experience and the technical capacity of a larger firm. Look in depth at the company’s experience levels and make your decision based on the experience and service options available.

2. What is your schedule?

In some cases, the moving company might be fully booked for the coming weeks. Before making plans and deciding on which company you will be using for your home move, make sure the company is available during this period of time. Ask them about their busy periods of the year. Usually, moving companies are most busy during the peak of the summer months, when the weather allows for a seamless moving process. And so if you’re planning for a summer move, make sure you book the moving company several weeks in advance to ensure the right firm takes on the moving process.

3. Do you complete the packing and unpacking?

When completing the home move, it’s important that you determine whether the company will be completing the packing and unpacking for you. This can be a difficult process, particularly for those who are moving elderly family members. You may wish to have professionals take on the packing and unpacking process simply to limit the confusion about how to pack valuables and other products with sentimental value. Ask the company to provide you with a full list of their services and make sure their service options align with your requirements for the entire move.

4. What is the quote price for the move?

When choosing home moving companies, the pricing disparity between the firms can be significant. And so you should get a complete quote on the required moving work before signing any paperwork. Ask that the company show you the exact price for each service. For example, they should quote you a price for the packing and unpacking, as well as for the actual moving process. You can then determine the areas in which you might be able to save money by doing some of the process yourself.

5. Do you have insurance for the moving process?

Insurance is a critical consideration when working with a home moving company. Accidents can occur and insurance should cover your losses in case of an accident taking place. For example, a box might be damaged by water if you move in the rain. Ask that the company provides insurance during the moving process and find out the price of insurance and your liability level.

Working with trusted home movers can help give you peace of mind for your transition to a new property. To discover more about the process, begin contacting local companies in your region today.