5 Shopping Tips for Purchasing Wooden Watches

In a society saturated with smart phones and full of all different kinds of wearable technology, watches have taken a backseat as far as accessories go. However, when it comes to making a statement with a classic and timeless design, there is no better way to do it than with a watch.

Wooden watches offer that classic touch with a unique and naturalistic twist that will instantly become a centerpiece of attention and a topic of constant comment. In addition to making an impression, they are also environmentally friendly and ideal for anyone who suffers from metal allergies or has sensitive skin.

1. Sport a memorable design

 Unlike some of the generic and sterile watch designs that have emerged made from plastic or metal, wooden watches are classy yet surprising. Due to the fact that each piece of wood is unique, each watch is a little bit different and holds something special that is truly its own.

Nature already offers an infinite variety, so the color, shape, direction, and width of the grain of the specific piece of wood used to create each wooden watch means that no two will ever appear identical. As wooden watch design has become more sophisticated, multiple parts of wood are used to create contrast and complement among the component to enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

2. Do something good for the environment

Unlike metal or plastic, wood is a natural and renewable resource. Trees grown on every inhabited continent on the planet and with the implementation of responsible forestry, the world is certainly not running out of wood any time soon. In addition to being more renewable, wood already requires less energy than metal when humans rework it or subject it to machine manipulation. There is also the fact that many wood watches are made from recycled or reclaimed sources of wood, often selected for their quality and contribution to sustainability.

3. Wear a natural product

In a world where we are surrounded by plastic and synthetic materials, it can be incredibly refreshing to have the natural look and feel of wood around your wrist all day. Adding a little touch of wood to our daily lives helps us maintain a connection to the natural world. Even in the urban jungle, a wooden watch serves as a little reminder of the natural beauty that awaits us outside.

4. Ditch the toxins and chemicals

Many people have allergic reactions to metal jewelry and these reactions can discolor the skin and even cause sever irritation or rashes, this is never a concern with a wooden watch. Wooden watches are created using chemical-free and nontoxic materials and finishes. Nickle is the most common metal used in back plates for digital and mechanical watches, and anyone with a nickel allergy knows that it can cause painful blisters that swell and burst. Wooden watches contain no metal at all, so they are ideal even for someone suffering from a nickel allergy.

5. Be part of a tradition

The tradition of engraving wood and giving it as a gift is well established and common across many culture. Watches are simply one of the newer additions to objects that humans have thoughtfully and carefully crafted into useable objects. You can even source wood from a significant landmark that is meaningful to you or a loved one and create an even more meaningful gift. Whether you decide to go with a popular design, or customize your own look for yourself or a loved one, a wooden watch will no doubt make a memorable impression and be a meaningful object for years to come.