5 Tips for Cleaning Your Quartz Countertops

Many homeowners today opt to have quartz countertops installed in their kitchens. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on the planet, which also means that it is the most durable in a home.

In addition to the reliability of quartz countertops, they are also a treat for the eyes. With a kaleidoscope of colours and sparkles, these natural stone slabs are sublime to have in any kitchen, particularly if you’re one to have many guests over for dinner – Gordon Ramsay would be impressed.

Despite the durability of quartz countertops, it is still important that they are properly maintained on a regular basis. Everything from cleaning to new protective top coating, there are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that these countertops look as impressive as when they were first installed in your kitchen.

What should you do to ensure they maintain that look and feel for the foreseeable future? Here are five tips for cleaning your quartz countertops:

1. Always Wipe Down Your Countertops

No matter what your countertop is made of, it can degrade if you don’t take proper care of the counters. This means that if there is grease, stains, sticky substances and anything else left on the counters for an extended period of time, it will be difficult to eliminate.

That said, whenever a spill or stain occurs, you should immediately wipe it down with a spray or wipe. By doing this, you can ensure that your countertops look pristine.

2. See Grease? Use a Degreasing Cleaner

Did you just recently notice a spot of grease on your countertops? OK, don’t panic right now. The only thing you need to do is grab a degreasing cleaner, a damp cloth and begin to apply some good old-fashioned elbow grease to eviscerate the grease.

Your quartz countertop will thank you for it.

3. Rub Away Tough Stains with Adhesive Remover

Unfortunately, some stains are tougher than others, which means that they can seem impossible to get rid of. But don’t you fret because there’s a solution to that: adhesive removers.

Here is what you do: pour a tiny amount of cleaner directly on the stain, let it sit for five minutes and then wipe the spot with a wet adhesive cloth. This will work.

4. They’re Tough But They’re Not Heat Resistant

As previously mentioned, quartz countertops are some of the most durable slabs in the world today. They can withstand many different elements, but they are not resistant to heat. Therefore, if you think you can place a hot pan or a hot pot on the countertop without any consequences then you are badly mistaken.

Like you normally would with any other type of countertop, if you’re placing a hot pan or pot on the counters then first sit down a cloth or a rack and then put your hot material on it. This will prevent any damage to your countertops.

5. No, Don’t Use Knives Directly on Countertops

Again, just because these quartz countertops are heavy-duty, it doesn’t mean you should throw common sense down the kitchen sink drain. You still need to employ smart practices.

Ditto for knives. Yes, it may be convenient to chop your green peppers, apples and/or meats on the countertops, but it will only inflict damage onto the countertops. You must still utilize chopping boards to protect your countertops.

Moreover, why would you ever want to cut raw meat on your counters? Yuck.

Factory-engineered quartz countertops come with elegant designs, incredible sophistication and an appeal that will last forever. If you are fortunate to have such an opulent and lavish material in your kitchen, then you need to incorporate the proper maintenance protocols in your housework. This will ensure that your investment will go farther, and, most important of all, your kitchen will look amazing day in and day out.