6 Activities That Will Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean

Hardwood flooring is one of the most desirable flooring types available, and for good reason. They are not only very nice to look at and durable, but they are also very easy to keep clean, provided that you know what you’re doing.

We have put together some great tips to help you clean and maintain your hardwood floors so that you can enjoy them for many years to come.

1. Vacuum often

Keeping the floor clear of any dust or particles of dirt is a great first step to keeping your hardwood floors in top condition. If any small bits of dirt or even small stones are on your hardwood floors they can scratch the surface easily. Vacuuming the hardwood floor often will help to minimize this risk.

2. Wax the floor

This is something that you should only do as directed by the company that installs the hardwood flooring. Different woods need to be cared for in different ways, by following the instructions you are given you will probably need to wax the floors once a year or so. This will help to keep your hardwood floor in perfect condition.

3. Get a dust mop

Brand names like Swiffer are a very popular tool for keeping your hardwood floors clean. They are easy to use and you will be able to see your floors sparkle in just a few sweeps of the mop. These style of mops are ideal as they don’t put too much liquid on the hardwood floor. A regular mop uses too much water in one spot, if you do this you run the risk of the water seeping through the boards and causing them to warp. This should be avoided at all costs. Even if you spill any water on your hardwood floors you should make sure that you clean it up as quickly as possible.

4. Check before you use cleaning products

Even if the product says that it is suitable for all wood types, you need to make sure that it won’t strip the finish off the hardwood floor. This is a very important aspect of the whole process, if as you clean you are using a cleaning product that is removing the finish from the floor then you will be leaving the hardwood floor right open to scratches, dents, stains and more. The finish on the hardwood floor is designed to take this day to day beating for you.

5. Protect the floor from your furniture

On the legs of all of your furniture, you should have felt protectors. These will stop any hard edges of your furniture’s legs from scratching the hardwood floor. Even when you have these in place you should avoid dragging any furniture across the room. These felt protectors can become dislodged and when they do you can easily leave huge scrape marks in your hardwood floors.

6. Buy a rug

Rugs can be a great way to protect your hardwood floors with the added bonus that they look great! You will be able to choose from a variety of different styles until you find a rug that matches your vision for the room. The best part is that if over time you decide that you want to change things up you can always replace the rug very easily.

It’s also a great idea to check under the rug frequently to make sure that there are no lines forming and that the whole hardwood floor is uniform in colour. The last thing that you want is a hardwood floor that ages at a different pace in certain places.