6 Most Convenient Kitchen Knife Storage Ideas

Your kitchen knives can make or break your recipe. Don’t believe us? Try chopping veggies with a weak knife and see the muscles build up from all the pressure you apply to the handle.

Nothing can compare to using a good knife in the kitchen. You get precise cuts with ease and have little worries about ruining dinner with weirdly chopped ingredients. However, your kitchen knives also need love so they can serve you for a long time. You can spend hundreds and thousands on knives, but nothing beats proper storage. Throwing them in a random drawer can dull the blades, and you’ll need to use a knife sharpening service to make them functional again.

Beyond damage, improper knife storage also exposes you and your family to injuries. Before storing, keep your knives clean and dry. Keep the sharper edges and tip away from the storage surface. Never put your knives in the dishwasher.

Now that you know the basic maintenance steps, here are some kitchen knife storage ideas to consider:

Idea #1: Magnetic Knife Wall Strips

Magnetic wall strips help you store your kitchen knives safely. They are efficient and easy to use. Some storage options potentially dull kitchen knives since they interact with the edge. The more contact the blade gets with surfaces, the weaker it becomes.

Think of wall strips like a showroom for your knives, where the different shapes stay on display. No need to play blind guessing games when trying to pick out the right knife to use. As good as this sounds, there are some pros to consider with wall strips.

If you have children or pets, you might have issues with this tool. Unfortunately, this display of sharp objects could cause domestic accidents.

A strip with weak magnetic power won’t hold your kitchen knives for long. Strips with stronger magnets pull them in and also dulls the edges.

Idea #2: DIY Felt Knife Holder

There are many DIY knife storage ideas that you can perform. Another storage idea is to make your storage at home, like a felt knife holder. If you want to lower the risk of displaying your knives, consider creating a felt knife holder.

With felt holders, think hanging shoe racks, but for kitchen knives. They have custom pockets to fit each kitchen knife. The felt also allows for smooth storage. Consider placing this in a safe place, away from children and pets to pull the straps.

You can also design your holder depending on your unique aesthetic. While other DIY methods encourage open display, felt holders have pockets that limit potential kitchen hazards.

Idea #3: Knife Holder Drawer

Even after displaying your best kitchen knives on the rack, chances are you still have more lying around. It’s almost impossible to show off all your 30 knives on one strip. Fortunately for you, you have kitchen drawers that require some attention.

Again, avoid dumping your kitchen knives in random drawers and call it a day. Instead, use in-drawer holders to store your kitchen knives. Holders like this fit into standard kitchen drawers and can keep a wide range of knife designs. High-quality ones come lined with materials like cork and felt to lower damage to the edges.

Idea #4: Knife Bag Storage

If you need more convincing about proper knife storage, ask this executive chef. Keeping your kitchen knives in rolls or bags helps you stay organized while cooking. People who aren’t chefs also own this product.

Whether you have a smaller kitchen or want a safer space to hold your utensils, consider getting a knife roll from any store that stocks kitchen items. Cooking in an AirBnB just got better with your knife bag be since they are portable and accessible.

Idea #5: Countertop Knife Block

These are everywhere. In the magazines. In movies. Even in your grandma’s kitchen. Counter blocks are the most popular kitchen storage options available. They are also accessible and ready to use. They come with sharpening steel to sharpen the kitchen knives at all times and can hold up to 30 pieces depending on the design.

However, they make a good decor piece on your kitchen counter. If this is your go-to option, consider buying knives that come with storage blocks. Otherwise, you could have difficulty finding blocks with molds that fit the shape of the knife blades

Idea #6: Under-Cabinet Knife Storage

If you live with pets and kids, you’re probably seeking out the safest options to store your knives. Knife bags might not work for you if you don’t want to roll out a bag every time you want to cook. Thankfully, under cabinet storages exist.

In-drawers are great if you have excess cabinet space. Even if you run out of drawer space, consider switching to under cabinet storage. These are relatively hidden and keep things tidy. This option works like a drawer, except you install it under the drawer.