6 Reasons to Switch to Advanced Leak Detection Equipment

The improvements in leak detection equipment go far beyond your ability to use it as items are packaged. Advanced systems can integrate with your computer operations and make it easy to access information immediately. Below are six reasons to switch to using a more advanced detection system.

1. Digitalized Readouts

You never have to worry about guessing when it comes to taking the critical readings that help determine if you have a leak situation. Advanced equipment provides digital readouts that are sensitive and offer more than what you need for accuracy. You can easily see the readout and document the results at any given moment. It allows you the ability to detect the slightest leaks.

2. Reduced Need for Physical Inspection

Your labor costs will go down with less need for continuous physical inspection. You get the quality readings you can trust with fewer amounts of human intervention. Advanced leak detection equipment provides you with the pinpointed area of leaks, making it easier to focus on the solution.

3. Integrate with Your Computer Systems

Advanced detection equipment gives you the ability to integrate the software with your computer operating systems. Your entire monitoring team has the data at their access 24-hours a day. Integration saves time and allows you to run a comparison analysis. It assists in streamlining the entire packaging operation.

4. Real-Time Updating and Information Access

Use a smartphone to access data in real-time as your packaging happens. All of your data will be up-to-date and provided as it happens. It reduces the amount of waste on the packaging line. You can stop the process and fix the problems right away. Older methods can lead to a serious loss of time, money, and product.

5. Sensitive Leak Detection

Advanced leak detection is more sensitive and catches the tiniest of problems. Worries of leaks that go undetected due to equipment that isn’t sensitive enough to find the problem will be a thing of the past. Even the slightest leaks in food packaging can leave you open to legal troubles if someone becomes ill. Find and close the holes in your detection system.

6. Alarm Alerts When Problems Are Detected

Feel more confidence in using leak detection in the line of packaging by having an alarm alert that tells you when something has gone wrong. It’s easier to address the problem right away and will save you on company revenues otherwise lost to the product that gets tossed out.

Incorporating the use of advanced leak detection equipment is the optimal solution for consistent, quality leak detection for all types of food packaging. If you need more information, Flexpak Inc may be able to provide you with additional resources on their website.