6 Sure Ways to Know You Hired a Good Plumber

There are a handful of reliable and excellent plumbers who will go out of their way to provide exceptional service to their clients. It is not always about the payment, but more on the customer’s overall experience. Plumbers fix the most important part of your home or building such as sinks, toilets, drainage, flushing and water heating which is why it is important to hire a trusted plumbing company. This key step can save on costly and dangerous repairs in the future.

The process of hiring a plumber can be overwhelming as there are so many to choose from and you are likely to come across many that are unqualified, not licensed, and who promise good service. However, if you consider customer satisfaction as the main factor when selecting the plumber, you may be able to find the right company to suit your needs.

When it comes to plumbing, you want to avoid selecting the plumber based on price and look at all factors so that you can be sure that the plumbing work is in good hands. Here are other factors to look for:

1. Customer Reviews

The best way to find these professional plumbers is to look for customer reviews and testimonials. The next important factor to consider is whether the plumber offers warranty for their fixing and installation. This clearly indicates that the plumber wants to ensure the job is performed well and follow regulations.

2. License to Operate

All plumbing contractors are required to be licensed in the region, province or city they are operating in. Also, always check for workers’ compensation and the general liability to ensure you are covered should the installation and fixtures go wrong or injuries occur on the job.

3. Experience

The years of operation usually indicates the strength of the company, but make sure you look further for warranties, testimonials as new qualified plumbers who are licensed may offer good service as well. Good plumbers will look at the problem first, consider all the options to reach an affordable price and provide a thorough estimate before fixing the problem.

The plumbing and pipe systems are vital functions within the home or building which require care and proper fixtures to last for many years. Installing robust drainage and water flow systems with the right amount of pressure can only be performed well by an experienced plumber. A plumber focused on customer satisfaction can save you costly repairs in the future and provide you with peace of mind that the job is done professionally.

4. Hidden Fees

Plumbing companies generally charge an hourly rate but do not include the equipment charges, parts or certain tools needed to complete the job. Make sure to request for all fees including tools, parts and equipment charges required for the job. Seek a plumber who provides transparent upfront rates.

5. Cleanliness

Often, the plumber will fix the problem but will leave the area in a mess for you to clean. A plumber focused on the customer’s total satisfaction, will ensure the work area is neat and tidy after completing the job.

6. 24/7 Service

Plumbing delays are not uncommon. When you call a plumber and they provide you a time of arrival, you expect them to be there at that time to fix the problem. The wait can be a frustrating experience. A plumber that arrives on time and addresses the problem in a timely manner provides you with the peace of mind that your agreed appointment will be honored and your plumbing work will be handled professionally.

An added advantage is the continuous service, getting the help you need when you need it. Plumbing emergencies need immediate attention and you want to make sure you have access to a plumber during an emergency such as flooding, clogging, hot water tank bursts or pipe leakage.