6 Tips for Planning a Children’s Birthday Party

When you are put in charge of making sure that a group of children have a great time at a party, it can be a little daunting at first. It really doesn’t need to be. Once you have the basics covered, it can be a lot of fun adding in a few special things that will have the children and parents talking about this party for a long time to come.

Gone are the years, of low key, simple children’s parties. Everything now is so much more involved and the pressure to deliver something unique and spectacular is growing. Here are our top 6 tips to help ensure that you are able to deliver a great children’s party.

1. Send out invitations in plenty of time

Children these days have very busy social calendars, if you want a large attendance, you really need to make sure that the invitations are sent out at least 6-8 weeks before the party. You should think about sending them out even earlier if the party is in the summer. You want to put your best foot forward with the invitation, so you should make sure that it is a good as you can possibly make it. You also want to include any pertinent information on the invitation such as timing, location and theme.

2. Every great party has a theme

Having a good, strong theme for a party can make a huge difference to how the party turns out. It helps make the party a memorable event, and can be a lot of fun for the children. It is always best to let the birthday boy or girl come up with the theme as you want it to be something that they are really into. It could be pirates, superheroes or paw patrol. The goal is to make it as fun as possible.

3. Get a signature party rental

Party rental games such as a trampoline, an inflatable slide or bounce house will elevate any party to the next level. It is always a surprise to parents just how affordable these can be. With full professional set up for the event, you can also be sure that you will not be adding in any extra work for yourself.

4. Think about the decorations in advance

As you are planning a children’s birthday party, you need to decide on how the decorations will tie in well with the theme, if you have one, and how affordable they will be. The standard decorations are absolute staples, such as balloons, props, banners, floristry. Photograph opportunities and backdrops can all contribute to your overall party décor too. Some of these elements can be rented so that you get the great look that you are hoping for, without any of the cleanup.

5. The Cake

You can either bake your own cake if you have the time, or you can have one made by a local baker. If you are baking a cake at home, it might be an idea to practice first, so that if anything goes wrong, you have time to look into a plan b. You can even have your children help you if you like. This can be a fun activity for you and your kids to do.

6. You need to get a music playlist

Although you can simply connect some speakers to a music streaming service, it is a good idea to curate your own music playlist for the children’s birthday party. After all, the last thing that you want is something inappropriate to come on the speakers and teach the children some words they didn’t need to know.