7 Best Incense for Kitchen and Living Room

Like other fragrance-giving products, incense significantly influences our homes’ energy, mood, and appearance. The kitchen and living room are among the rooms where you cannot miss a cone or two for different reasons. However, many people stress about which incense to put in search rooms and may, unfortunately, embrace unmatching flavours and scents. 

The living room and kitchen are among the most natural places for burning incense in your home. You can use the wholesale incense in such rooms and watch how magical, uplifting, and inviting the spaces turn. Most importantly, ensure to follow the right procedures for lighting incense and adhere to the above precautions to stay safe. 

Here are several ideal incense scents for the kitchen and living room for incredible results. 

Vanilla-Scented Incense 

Vanilla tops are the best incense you can embrace in your kitchen and living room because of their soothing and pleasing fragrance. Being popular across different areas, such as in bakeries, drinks, and foods, you can never go wrong with the scent of vanilla in the kitchen or living room.

The incense delivers the utmost relaxation of the mind and reduces stress one might have obtained from work or while cooking. 

Sandalwood Incense 

Highly recognized for its warm and woody aroma, the sandalwood incense makes a perfect selection for the kitchen and living room. Experts have proved that incense is a top-notch relaxant as it reduces anxiety and calms the nervous system at any time of the day. 

When combined with some essential oils, sandalwood incense can help enhance meditation in the living room and concentration while preparing your family’s favourite delicacy in the kitchen. 

Cinnamon Incense 

Another ideal incense you can use in your kitchen and living room is cinnamon-scented. Besides evoking a sense of comfort and coziness, cinnamon-scented incense is highly inviting to anyone approaching your living room or kitchen. 

For instance, you can use it when hosting a cooking date with your friends or inviting them to lunch/dinner. Cinnamon incense naturally calls for celebration and festivity, so it’s popularly used during holidays such as Easter and Christmas Day. 

Lemongrass Incense 

Do you desire a sweet, calm, and citrus-filled aroma across your kitchen and living room? Then lemongrass is the best incense to embrace. The incense provides an instantly refreshing fragrance and a calm atmosphere. 

You could be cooking, watching your favourite series, socializing, or washing the dishes- the lemongrass incense got you covered. It also reduces anxiety and tension, creating a friendly atmosphere for various activities. 

Rosemary Incense 

You must have encountered some Rosemary plants across various homes and enjoyed every bit of their scent and appearance. At least you can be assured of excellent outcomes with Rosemary incense and its amazing properties.

Like the plant, Rosemary-scented incense delivers a fresh and revitalizing aroma that activates the mind and boosts productivity. Rosemary incense also makes an ideal choice for the living room and kitchen thanks to its unmatchable cooking fragrances and uplifting space. 


Discussing the best kitchen and living room incense would be absurd without touching the Frankincense. Popularly known for its woody and resinous scent, Frankincense has been used for hundreds of years for different purposes but most importantly in the kitchen and living room. 

Its unbeatable aroma makes it a good choice for high cooking concentration and relaxation in the living room. You can also light Frankincense when you have guests in your house to deliver a calming atmosphere for socialization, feasting, and celebrating. 

Lavender Incense 

Lavender makes a good choice of incense for the kitchen and living room due to its ability to reduce stress, increase creativity, and boost concentration. You can light a cone when trying out a dish you’ve seen across different cooking channels, with the assurance of maximum creativity and focus. 

Lavender incense also encourages happiness and unity among people in the house. You can use it alongside a lavender plant across the basement or lavender-scented essential oils for maximum relaxation.