7 Best Modern Kitchen Sitting Area Ideas

For some people, a kitchen has only one purpose: preparing meals. For others, their kitchen is a multi-purpose room where they can cook, entertain guests, spend quality time with their family, and perhaps even work from home or help their kids with their homework.

Adding a stylish and comfortable sitting area to their kitchen makes sense for these people. It allows them to be in good company while they cook, and it can even eliminate the need to serve meals in a separate dining room.

These seven kitchen sitting area ideas will help you upgrade your dining area.

Idea #1: A kitchen island is convenient and convivial

A kitchen island is always a convenient option for kitchen sitting area ideas. Installing a kitchen island also makes for a convivial setting, allowing more than one person to prepare ingredients and cook meals together.

With just a few stools, your kitchen island can become a comfortable sitting area that stands proudly in the middle of the room or serves as a space divider in an open-plan layout. If you have a lot of space, you could even extend the countertop of your kitchen island so it can act as a dining table.

Idea #2: A breakfast bar creates a perfect division between rooms

While a kitchen island is usually freestanding and built on top of cabinets, a breakfast bar can be an extension of a standard countertop. It gives you and your family more countertop space, but the fact that it extends off its base also makes it a perfect sitting area for any kitchen.

All you need to do is add a few stools or chairs.

A breakfast bar can also serve as a space divider. For example, if your living room and your kitchen share the same space, your breakfast bar could be positioned to create a separation between the two areas.

Idea #3: A sofa would make a cozy kitchen sitting area

Chairs and stools can be comfortable, but never as much as a sofa. If you have a lot of space in your kitchen, you could use a sofa to create a cozy kitchen sitting area that everyone will fall in love with.

Browse a furniture store Brampton for various items that you can include in your kitchen. An L-shaped sectional would be perfect for that purpose. Pair it with a nice coffee table, and you have a sitting area where you can enjoy a drink with your guests or even serve meals during casual gatherings.

Idea #4: A window seat makes a nice eating nook

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, your sitting area could be a window seat. If you are lucky enough to have a built-in bench in front of a large window, or enough space to add a bench, you can easily create a cozy eating nook.

You can simply place a small table in front of your window seat and perhaps even a few chairs on the other side of that table. You will quickly realize there is nothing better than eating breakfast and drinking coffee while basking in the sun.

Idea #5: A bench is a good option for a small kitchen

If your kitchen is small, you can still have a nice sitting area where your family can relax, or your guests can sit while you cook. The good idea is to place a bench against one wall and to decorate it with plenty of cushions.

Idea #6: A wooden table never goes out of style

If you don’t want half of your kitchen space to be occupied by a modern kitchen island or an inviting couch, you could simply use a dining table and some chairs as your sitting area.

A wooden table never goes out of style, and it should look great in your kitchen whether you have modern decor or a more traditional one.

Adding a table and chairs to your kitchen is ideal if your home doesn’t have a dining room or if you have been considering converting your dining room into a game room or a home office, for example.

Idea #7: A small workspace is ideal for those who love to multitask

Not everyone has a big family or likes to entertain many friends. Your kitchen might be more of a space where you want to spend time alone, relaxing or working.

If you work from home, you could transform a kitchen corner into a small office nook. Your new workspace could include a desk or a table, a few shelves, and a comfortable chair. You could use it to work, check your emails, prepare your budget, or simply relax while reading a good book.

If you have children, your kitchen sitting area could be a dedicated space for them to do their homework while you cook.