7 Handy Tips for Moving Kitchen Appliances Safely

Moving kitchen appliances – it’s something you probably don’t ever really want to think about (much less actually DO), right? Refrigerators and stoves are often big, heavy, and unwieldy, making them some of the least favorite, least convenient households any day of the week. But sometimes it just has to be done!

Whether you’re moving your kitchen appliances because you want/need to clean behind them, rearrange your kitchen, or move somewhere else…you’ve got a bit of a challenge ahead of you. Especially because you don’t want to scrape up your kitchen floor! How can you get all of this accomplished in a low-key way? For starters, you can hire movers to help you with this task. They are the experts in moving kitchen appliances and transporting them to another location, safe and sound.

For those who want to do it themselves, we want your kitchen appliance moving efforts to succeed! We’ve listed seven tips on moving kitchen appliances:

Tip #1: Keep an eye on the little details

Before we dive into moving large appliances, like a refrigerator or stove or dishwasher, we want to make sure that we give you some tips for moving the smaller kitchen appliances. It’s pretty basic and simple! Take your blender, for instance–you’ll want to wrap that up safely if it’s made of glass, maybe using bubble wrap and tape for optimal safety.

Your toaster, electric griddle, and other small appliances will also need to be packed with care if you’re moving–or simply set somewhere safe if you’re simply rearranging your kitchen. If you are moving, try to pack as many kitchen appliances together as possible–and make sure to label the box (or boxes). This will simplify things once you get to your new home.

Tip #2: Measure every appliance

Not having enough space is one of the most frustrating problems you could potentially face when moving kitchen appliances around. You may not have enough space to place your new appliances or to get your old appliances out a certain doorway. There are few things more annoying than getting a large, heavy item halfway through a door and then realizing that, short of tearing down the wall, there’s no way it’s going to fit through.

In order to save yourself this headache, take plenty of measurements! Measure the doorways, the space where the appliance will go, and the appliances themselves. It may take a bit of time, but you’ll be thankful in the long run.

Tip #3: Lubricate the floor around the appliances

If you have a gorgeous hardwood kitchen floor that you’re pretty worried about wrecking as you move your big kitchen appliance(s), take heart! There’s a relatively simple fix that could save you plenty of scratches, wear, and tear on your floors. Simply mix a good bit of dish soap with warm water and spray that combo on the floor around the base of your large kitchen appliance (and on the floor around the appliance–particularly in/around the direction/area to which you’ll be moving it).

Let the mixture sink into the floor for a bit (instead of just being a watery slick over top of the floor) and then move your appliance (with care, of course).

Tip #4: Turn off the appliances

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s an absolutely vital step to take as you carry out your goal moving your kitchen appliances in a safe, painless way. You’ll need to disconnect every cord and wire, making sure that there are no possible ways left open for live electricity (or gas) to create extra problems.

If the connections are in a hard-to-reach place (hence, you’re unable to unplug everything easily), you may want to consider shutting off the electricity and/or gas until you’ve finished the moving process. Again, this may take some extra time…but it’s so much better to be safe than sorry.

Tip #5: Make sure the appliances are completely empty

This is another tip that’s pretty obvious–but it’s still important enough to bear mentioning. Taking every single thing out of your refrigerator may be a little bit of a pain in the neck–and you may be tempted to just strongarm the appliance into position without taking the time–but the last thing you want is a lot of extra weight making the move that much harder. It’s also a good idea to tape doors closed so that they don’t suddenly come flying open and hit you.

Tip #6: Don’t move kitchen appliances by yourself

Friends are, well, your best friends when it comes to moving large kitchen appliances. Sure, you could mayyyybe sweat and grunt and groan and manhandle those appliances into place all on your own. But why go to all that trouble when instead you could have some friends (even just one) come and help you move everything? Plus, it’s just more fun! Enlist some friends to help and make sure they know you owe them one–and that you’ll help the next time they need something moved. It’s only fair!

Tip #7: Don’t forget to clean

Cleaning doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? Well, it may not be–but it’s an excellent idea whenever you move your kitchen appliances. Sweep, mop, vacuum…and don’t cut corners! You may not get another chance to clean those areas of the floor for several years.