7 Most Delicious Appetizers with Pizza

Pizza is a classic. It comes in so many shapes and sizes: round, square, single sized and party sized. It can be a greasy college dorm room pleaser or a food aficionado pleaser.

It’s also a pretty filling dish: it’s got a lot of bread and a lot of cheese (is that not why we love it?). This can make choosing an appetizer tough, after all, you want to leave enough room for the main meal!

The kind of appetizer that you will want to go with depends on what kind of pizza you are having and what kind of a meal you are aiming for. For example, if you are having a college pizza party or hanging out at your local pub you might want to go with a heavier appetizer. If you are dinning out and enjoying a thin-crust affair, then an appetizer that focuses on vegetables would probably be a better option.

Here are seven of the most delicious appetizers with pizza:

1. Salad with lemon-garlic dressing

This particular salad includes broccoli, avocado and pomegranate seeds.It’s a great choice because the flavours won’t overpower those in the pizza. It’s also really healthy.

The lack of lettuce makes this different from your average salad. The dressing and pomegranate seeds are a great way of making the tired old side of boiled broccoli into something new, fun and delicious. Depending on how many meat toppings your pizza is going have a lot of meat toppings, it can end there. You can also add feta cheese and/or pine nuts, which work wonderfully in this salad and can give your meal the protein that it needs.

2. Apple and kale salad

This salad is best made with Honeycrisp apples, as these apples are flavourful, sweet and crunchy. They are guaranteed to add flavour to your salad as well as texture.

The kale is a great option for the leafy part of this salad. Kale has a reputation as a superfood, containing lots of vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also got a great flavour, which works best in salads that combine fruits and vegetables.

This salad works really well with the addition of some prosciutto. Mix some in if your pizza isn’t a meat-lovers one (or if you are a meat-lover).

3. Cauliflower cheese-bites

Because cheese is the best! These cheese bites are made by taking cauliflower florets and tossing them with paprika, hot sauce, garlic, olive oil and parmesan, before roasting them. They go great with a fresh dip made of mayonnaise or yoghurt with chives or dill mixed in. It’s a fairly simple appetizer, but also a delicious one.

The parmesan coating will get you ready for the mozzarella on your pizza. The paprika and chives will also complement the flavours that will be in your pizza.

4. Chicken wings

Also known as a classic bar food, these pair well with pizza made from an outdoor oven.

For truly good wings, make sure that you get some with a good sauce. The sauce is really what gives them their flavour. Go for Honey Sriracha, for a contemporary take on the classic sweet and spicy. Both the sweet and the spicy notes will prepare your palate for a cheesy pizza. After all, many cheeses are sold with jalapeño or dried fruits already mixed in. And that’s because these flavours work well together.

5. Fries

Another classic for those dorm room hangouts or for a night at the pub. Fries are a classic bar food and fast food enjoyed by everyone. They are also a comfort food extraordinaire, as is pizza. This means that the two are a perfect pair. Just make sure that you are really hungry before ordering these appetizers with pizza.

6. Asparagus with lemon zest

This is the ideal appetizer for a classy thin-crust pizza.

Veggies make the perfect appetizer for pizza. That’s because the pizza provides all of the bread and dairy (as well as the protein that that contains) but relatively little in the way of vegetables. Asparagus are an elegant option. To get the most flavour out of them, grill them and then sprinkle some lemon juice over top. It’s incredibly simple to make and to present. It’s also incredibly delicious.

7. Beet Carpaccio

Another great appetizer for the foodies out there, for those enjoying a thin-crust pizza, maybe a Neapolitan pizza or maybe a pizza that features sundried tomato.

Beet carpaccio is very thinly sliced raw beets. The slices are paper thin, and are generally topped with goat cheese and mint. This makes a great appetizer for pizza since it incorporates vegetables into your meal and gives you the added benefit of even more cheese.

Beets have a reputation for being a superfood because of the antioxidants that they contain. The goat cheese will prepare your palate for the cheesy goodness of your pizza. The mint gives a little zing of flavour to the dish, but isn’t so strong that it will overpower the flavours in your pizza.