7 Outdoor Living Tips Anyone Can Use

Your outdoor space needs to be set up properly if you want people to use it. Making a few strategic changes to your outdoor area will ensure everyone in your family is fully able to enjoy the nice weather.

Even though we complain about winter when it’s here, things like bugs and high temperatures cause us to run inside during the summer. This post will look at 7 different things you can do to make your outdoor area an attractive place to hang out!

1. Buy Furniture With Removable Cushions

If you own lawn furniture, you know how quickly they get dirty. Having removable cushions will make clean up a lot easier on you. Your guests don’t want to sit on a rain and dirt stained cushion. Zippered pillow covers are excellent since they can be easily thrown in the washing machine. Make sure you let your cushions dry in the hot sun to prevent mildew growth.

2. Protect And Clean Your Furniture

If your furniture can’t be washed, it’s important to clean it by hand. Wicker furniture is especially notorious for attracting dust, dirt, and debris from the outdoors. Try using a damp cloth and a mixture of warm water and soap to clean the hard surfaces of your furniture. Warm water and soap will work on aluminum, cast-iron and wicker furniture. You can rinse your future with your garden hose and let them dry in the sun.

3. Use A Vacuum For Stubborn Debris

Certain furniture just holds on to dust and debris, no matter how many times you wipe it down. For stubborn furniture and hard to reach areas, use your vacuum cleaner. Using a vacuum or dust buster makes it much easier to remove dirt from the many small crevices on your furniture. Vacuuming these hard to reach spots on a regular basis will prevent grimy build up.

4. Find Ways To Block The Sun And Heat

Finding ways to control heat will encourage more people to take advantage of your outdoor space. Sometimes the heat can be so overpowering that it doesn’t make sense to torture yourself outside. Try purchasing multiple large umbrellas or adding an awning to your outdoor area. Habitat screens also provide some solar protection without obstructing your view. You can get habitat screens in different fabric densities which is useful if you live in a really hot area.

5. Put Anti-Bug Measures In Place

Another annoying aspect about the outdoors is the insects. You’ll have to use multiple methods to your advantage to keep your space free of pesky invaders. Try using citronella torches in combination with a bonfire. Make sure you don’t have any standing water in your backyard which is attractive for mosquitoes. It’s also important to regularly inspect your furniture and crevices around your backyard for insect eggs and nests. Regular lawn care will also help keep insects under control.

6. Boost Your WiFi Signal

Nothing gets the young people outside like a strong WiFi signal. It’s easy to use your outdoor space for studying, work or just watching videos if you there’s a strong WiFi signal. It’s worth investing in a WiFi extender which will ensure all your guests can browse freely while outside. This is a simple thing you can do to make your outdoor area an extension of your home.

7. Add New Sources Of Light Throughout Your Outdoor Space

Having multiple sources of light throughout your outdoor space is an excellent way to influence the ambiance. It’s always worth having some extra lights around you walkways to increase safety. You can also add accent lights around your pergola, deck or whatever set up you have.