7 Vegetarian Catering Foods to Stay Healthy

Serving the right food at a special event or an occasion may require a catering service. If you’re having a crowd and want to ensure all the guests are well fed, this is likely to be your best option. Using vegetarian catering foods is sure to be appreciated by all that attend.

However, this will mean that you must carefully select the catering foods for your event. Finding a catering service to help you will ensure your event goes smoothly. With the right caterer, you may be able to serve some the tastiest foods ever. You just need to do a bit of research on various vegetarian catering foods, but it will be well worth the effort. Don’t delay in doing all you can to make the absolute most out of this fantastic day.

Here are seven types of vegetarian catering foods to consider:

1. Veggie kabobs

One of the best foods for you to eat every day is likely to be vegetables. These are loaded with nutrients and offer all the things your body may need.

Serving veggie kabobs at your next event or party may be an attractive and pleasing option. When prepared and cooked just right, this can be a very visually appealing menu item.

Talking to your catering company to your vegetable options can allow you to make the right choice. You’ll want to select items that will please your guests and are easy to serve.

2. Roasted cauliflower salad

If you love cauliflower and have a lot of friends that do, you may want to make it a bit more appetizing. Serving this veggie as a roasted cauliflower salad could be something you’ll want to discuss with your caterer.

This is sure to take up this tasty food up a notch and may have your guests coming back for seconds. When the right ingredients are added, this could also work as a main course.

3. Vegetarian mini pizzas

Who doesn’t love a good pizza? This can be a tasty treat to add to your event, and you can make it healthy.

The top way to do so may be making these pizzas a bit smaller than usual or doing a mini type one. Adding vegetables to this food can make it fit your vegetarian menu and may be well appreciated by all your guests.

It’s ideal to work with your caterer to help you find the best items to add to this pizza to allow it to taste great and suit all the requirements of being a vegetable dish.

4. Mushroom with herbs

Preparing mushrooms in the right way is sure to help your guests feel well fed. Adding these to herbs is an ideal way to make any meal a better one and a lighter one for that matter.

There aren’t many people that may not enjoy the unique taste of mushrooms. The key to making these a bit more appetizing may be adding the right herbs.

5. Vegan lasagna

Who doesn’t love eating a big plate of lasagna? This vegetarian catering idea could be a great meal or side dish for that matter to serve at your special event.

Making the most of a special occasion will be so much easier when you have a vegan lasagna to offer others. Change out some of the main ingredients for veggies and you’ll be well on your way to sticking to the menu.

Eating this tasty food can be the key to helping your guests want to keep coming back for more. This could be one of the most pleasing foods you serve at this special event.

6. Soup

What could be more appealing than a hot bowl of veggie soup? This is an ideal food to serve during the winter months if you’re having a special event where many will attend.

Packing this soup full of vegetables can allow your guests to get the absolute most out of all it offers. Choosing many of the veggies that are in season may even help this soup taste even better.

There’s nothing like fresh foods to help any dish be one that’s simply top of the line and good for the taste buds.

7. Black beans and rice

Serving foods that have a high fibre count could be one of the top ways for your guests to have a good time at the event. This food will offer several health benefits and may well be a tasty option for any special occasion you may be hosting.

Black beans with a side of rice could be the ideal side dish that will appease your guests and have many coming back asking for more. What a tasty food this is to give your guests during this particular time.