8 Easy and Effortless Camping Dinner Ideas

Every year when summer rolls around, you know you’re going to be making beautiful memories on a few camping trips this year. Whether you are staying in a camping resort or roughing it by a campsite in the wilderness, your experience is bound to be an unforgettable one. While there is lots of fun to be had, camping takes some pre-planning and a lot of packing. As you’re planning, you also need to consider what you’re going to eat throughout your day.

When it comes to dinner ideas, it can be tricky to think up and plan for a bunch of meals at a time. You need to collect the recipes, buy the ingredients, make sure you have the proper utensils and equipment, and pack everything. To make your pre-camping days a little easier, we’ve put together eight camping dinner ideas that you and your fellow campers can enjoy without the hassle.

1. Chicken Kabobs

Kabobs are a great camping dinner idea since they are traditionally cooked over a fire and require little prep work and ingredients. As long as you marinate or add some kind of spice to your meat, your dish will pack lots of flavour. Cut your chicken into squared pieces, add it to your skewer, then cut up some vegetables (like red peppers, mushrooms, onions, etc.), add it to your skewer, and repeat. Then all you need to do is cook it over the fire (be sure to turn them as they cook) and you’re good to go!

2. Mac & Cheese

This is one of the easiest camping dinner ideas for the list. The classic yet yummy dish allows for most of the prep to be done at home. Then when you get to the campground, all you need to do is assemble the dish and dig in. What you need to do at home is cook the elbow pasta, chop the vegetables, grate the cheese, portion out your spices, and store everything in separate containers.

At the campsite, heat the cheese, add in the other ingredients, the pasta, and the tomatoes, let it heat through, serve, and enjoy!

3. Quinoa Chili

Camping calls for lots of physical activity. To keep your energy up, you should eat foods that come jam-packed with protein, like this quinoa chilli. It’s also a hearty meal that’s sure to fill you up and keep you going for the rest of the evening. Cook your quinoa and your chili, then put them together and voila! you have yourself a well-rounded meal that’s practically meant for the outdoors.

4. Pizza

Pizza is a fan favourite when it comes to camping dinner ideas. You and your fellow campers can make this your own by adding different toppings. Bring refrigerated pizza dough to your campsite, as well as some pizza sauce in a can, cheese and whatever toppings you would like.

Some ideas for toppings include buffalo chicken (which you could make ahead of time at home), sundried tomatoes, bell peppers, banana peppers, jalapenos, mushrooms, and pineapple. All that’s left to do is assemble and cook your pizza. Talk about an easy campfire dinner idea.

5. Quesadillas

Firstly, who doesn’t love quesadillas? Second, these are so easy to make over an open fire, that it makes them the perfect camping dinner idea. All that you really need to do for this one is build your quesadilla, wrap it up in aluminum foil, and place it on the grate over your campfire. If you find it easier to cook the chicken at home and pack it in a cooler, you can do that too to make it even easier.

6. Aluminum Foil Sausage & Vegetables

Aluminum foil is your best friend when camping! For this simple yet tasty recipe, cook up some sausage and then cut it up. Next, cut up your vegetables and add them, along with the sausage, to the aluminum foil, wrap it up, and cook it on the grate over your campfire. Be sure to add onions and spices for some extra flavour!

7. Hot Dogs

You can’t go camping and not have hot dogs! Not only are hot dogs easy, but they taste so much better when they’re roasted over an open fire. You can make this dish a little more gourmet by adding a wide variety of toppings. Try adding things like onions, tomatoes, Doritos, pulled pork, and fried eggs. There are so many options you can’t go wrong.

8. Banana Bread Pancakes

Who said you can’t have breakfast for dinner? With these delicious banana bread pancakes, we’re sure you won’t be turning them down! All you need to do to turn your boring pancakes into these delights is add mashed banana, toasted walnuts, brown sugar, and a pinch of cinnamon. Even the kids will be a fan of this camping dinner idea.

These eight camping dinner ideas should make your pre-camping experience a bit easier now that you have some dinner ideas floating around. Now it’s time to hit the grocery store and get packing!