8 Reasons Why Your Family Should Recycle

Many people have made it a habit to put paper, cardboard and plastics in recycling bins, but not everyone is aware of how important it is to recycle. Recycling is a simple gesture that is good for you, for manufacturers, and for our environment.

Here are 8 good reasons why everyone should recycle.

1. It sends less trash to our landfills

Many landfills are filling up, or are already overflowing. The worst part of this is that many items that are currently in our landfills could have been recycled. Instead of sending this aluminum can or this plastic jar to your local landfill, recycle them.

2. It helps save energy

A lot of the energy we use in our daily lives is created with non-renewable resources, and recycling actually helps save some of that precious energy. Recycling paper, plastic, aluminum or glass to create new items is more energy efficient than creating new products from scratch.

3. It preserves our natural resources

Recycling is also an easy way to preserve our precious natural resources. Recycling paper and cardboard helps save trees, and recycling plastic products reduces our oil use. As for aluminum, it can be recycled forever, so it would not be very clever to send aluminum cans to the landfill.

4. It reduces air pollution

Recycling helps reduce air pollution. When manufacturers use recycled materials to create new products, they reduce the amount of toxins their factories are releasing in the air. Plus, when we recycle paper instead of cutting new trees, those trees are thanking us by removing CO2 from the air.

5. It reduces water pollution

The garbage present in our landfills can release different contaminants into our groundwater supplies, which damages the environment, but also makes this water unsafe to drink. Recycling batteries and electronics is a good way to keep many harmful contaminants away from our fresh water supplies.

6. It helps create new jobs

Recycling can also stimulate our economy by creating new jobs, and by inciting us to develop new green technologies so we can reuse and process the different items we recycle. Manufacturers that choose to use recycled materials instead of raw ones will also save a lot of money on materials and energy costs.

7. It’s ridiculously easy

Putting something in a recycling bin is as easy as putting it in a garbage can, so there is no good excuse to not recycle items that can be recycled. If you don’t have a recycling bin at home or at work, it really isn’t that complicated to get one.

8. Everyone can make a difference

If you think that it makes no difference whether you recycle or not, think again. More than half of the waste that each of us produces each year can be recycled, but a lot of it ends up in landfills anyway. When each of us pays more attention to recycling, it all adds up and makes a real difference.