Kitchen Sink Magazine aims to be a leading source of home improvement guides, written from a fresh and unique female perspective.

Whether you’re looking for recipe ideas or a guide on how to fix your clogged toilet, we got you covered. Our talented team of writers are well-versed in all areas of life. We will gladly tackle subjects relating to food, parenthood & home management, and we’ll do it with a feminine touch.

The idea to begin Kitchen Sink Magazine came to us during one of our monthly get-togethers. Kat (or at least we think it was Kat) was the one who suggested that we work on a project together. At first reluctant, we eventually embraced the idea and decided to do a DIY-type news magazine focusing on home improvement. On that day, the five of us raised our glasses in solidarity and swore an oath to contribute regularly to this website. And so begins our foray into the world of digital publishing…