How to Fix Kitchen Sink Leak Quickly

No matter where you live, whether it is a home or an apartment, appliances and utilities are to be expected. Naturally, these fixtures come with a set lifespan but will usually work as they should most of the time. Down the line, through various reasons, you will come to find that they are deteriorating to your detriment.

These can come in various damaged states, such as your kitchen sink having an arbitrary leak. Upon closer inspection, the leak can occur in one of several ways. Thankfully, you do not have to go out of your way just yet to rectify the issue.

Here is how to fix a kitchen sink leak quickly:

How to inspect kitchen sink leak

Sometimes, the kitchen sink may not necessarily be a leak causing water spillage when it comes to the kitchen sink. Rather, it may just be a splash of sink water on nearby surfaces that may be the result of your initial concern. That is why you must do an initial inspection to see what leak indicators are present.

Take a look at where the source of water spillage is coming from. For the most part, this could be located inside of your cabinet directly below the kitchen sink. Or, take a look at where the dampness is spotted, and look above it. This area will usually be where the leak is emanating from.

Kitchen Sink Leak Assessment

Many professional plumbers like Birnie Plumbing & Drains will note that no two leaks are the same. This sentiment is especially true for those who have a kitchen sink in an apartment that is leaking. The leaks themselves will also result from multiple sources, each of which requires a unique fix. So, it is first vital to diagnose what kind of leak it is.

Leaks coming from the pipe will usually result in water spraying in random directions. On the other hand, if the leak happens to be coming from the drain, you will not notice it at the moment. Rather, the sink may have to be full of water first to see the leak occurring. Once you determine the leak type, you can better diagnose the issue.

Kitchen Sink Faucet Leakages

The kitchen sink is notorious for having leaks, especially if they have not been repaired in some time, which is all the more reason why you should take the time to closely inspect the areas in and around the faucet. Faucet leaks can easily be repaired with the right equipment behind you.

In most cases, the faucet will be the only component to be paid attention to. Remove the faucet, replace it with a newer model, and ensure it is tightly secured in place. Once the faucet has been installed properly, this type of kitchen sink leak should be a thing of the past now!

Kitchen Sink Drain Seal

While faucet leaks may be rather simple to repair, other types of kitchen sink leaks could be more challenging. Take into consideration the leak coming from the drain seal, for example. If the drain seal happens to be broken, you will have to engage with it differently.

Remove the old drain seal first, and carefully apply some adhesive tape around the exposed drain. Then, replace the drain, and ensure it is centred around the actual drain. Replacement is the game’s name here, but it must be done with patience in mind. Otherwise, one wrong move can further damage the component.

Kitchen Sink Drain Leaks

Sometimes, the issues with your kitchen sink may stem from the drain itself. As a result, you will have to turn your attention to this component and promptly get it fixed. However, it is not that hassle to get it done to your benefit. Take a look at the gasket, and make sure that it is flat.

Then, you will have to look at the nut in the pipe itself. Tighten up this nut, and the drain should be gone afterwards. It is not a difficult task to complete most of the time, even though it may involve taking the entire sink apart!

Some fixes for the kitchen sink may still not be enough. For example, you may find that there is still a persisting leakage even by fixing the drain in the sink. At this point, you should call in a plumber for a better diagnosis. Do not be afraid to reach out to them, as they will be able to see the things that you cannot!