How to Prevent Acne After Eating Sugar

We all know eating too much sugar isn’t that great for our health and skin health. However, it can be difficult to agree on how much sugar is too much!

It’s perfectly ok to enjoy some candy, chocolate, cake, or ice cream when you want to treat yourself. And even though sugar often causes acne, there are a few things you can do to prevent a nasty acne breakout. A cosmetic clinic offers numerous treatments that can help reduce the appearance of acne. That way, you can still enjoy your favourite sugary treats without feeling guilty.

In addition, there are ways to manage your diet and minimize acne. Let’s learn how to prevent acne after eating sugar. That way, you can indulge yourself without being afraid of ruining your efforts to keep your skin clear.

1. Do some exercise after eating sugar

An insulin spike causes acne breakouts in your bloodstream after you eat too much sugar. When your blood sugar rises and drops, it affects your hormones, and your hormones affect your skin.

One simple solution is to do some exercise after eating sugar. Depending on your consumed sugar, you might feel like getting up and moving anyway!

Even if you only take a short walk, it will help you digest. Plus, your body will use the excess sugar as fuel instead of storing it, which should help you avoid an acne breakout later on.

2. Drink plenty of water after eating sugar

You can also prevent acne after eating sugar by drinking plenty of water. It’s no secret that staying well hydrated will help your skin glow.

It will also help your body dilute your blood sugar and eliminate it more quickly.

So drink a big glass of water, or prepare a cup of delicious herbal tea. Avoid drinking a beverage containing a lot of sugar, such as fruit juice or soda. Your goal is to flush the sugar out of your system, not to consume more sugar.

3. Eat some fatty foods to help your digestion

Another simple way to reduce the insulin spike that might result in an acne breakout is to pair your sugar with some fat.

No, that doesn’t mean you should eat a lot of junk food after eating ice cream. Simply eat a handful of nuts, or some butter, for example. You could also go for a healthy protein bar.

The fat and protein will help slow down your digestion, reducing unwanted insulin spikes. Remember that sugar gets digested much faster when not paired with fat.

4. Don’t feel stressed or guilty about eating sugar

Sugar is not the only thing that can cause acne, of course. Stress is also notorious for making ugly acne pimples appear on our skin.

You need to calm down if you are currently freaking out because you think you ate too much sugar. Feeling stressed out, guilty, or anxious about what your face will look like tomorrow will only worsen things.

Remind yourself why you ate that sugar in the first place. You probably wanted to treat yourself, have fun and feel good, right?

Relax. It will be alright.

5. Take good care of your skin with the right skincare routine

Indeed, everything will be alright if you keep taking good care of your skin with the right skincare routine.

Your cleanser and moisturizer should be gentle, quality products formulated for your skin, whether you have oily, dry, combination, or sensitive skin. If your skincare routine includes an anti-acne treatment, apply it to your skin and let it work its magic.

And if you feel like your skincare routine is not exactly ideal, now could be a good time to find ways to improve it.

6. Be sure to get enough sleep at night

After exercising, drinking water, and taking good care of your skin, it’s time to go to bed and get some sleep!

Your cortisol levels will increase if you don’t sleep enough at night. Since cortisol is a stress hormone that tends to clog your pores and cause acne, you don’t want its levels to rise now!

Plus, the growth hormones released while you sleep help control your blood sugar levels. The more you sleep, the better your skin should look in the morning.

7. Have a more balanced diet tomorrow

Finally, get back on track with a more balanced diet tomorrow. If you eat too much sugar day after day, it will become more difficult to prevent acne breakouts.

Eat a healthy diet most of the time, and allow yourself a treat once in a while. And be sure to eat three meals a day and healthy snacks when you are hungry between meals. Trying to skip a meal is never a good idea.