How to Refill a Vape Pen at Home

Are you a first-timer with a refillable vape pen? Even though you may be a newcomer, the act of refilling it is fortunately simple and relatively straightforward.

Features may vary a little bit from pen to pen, but how to refill a vape pen will be almost identical in every design. It all starts with buying the type of vape juice you like, whether it’s fruity or savoury. From there, it’s important to understand the types of vape pens for sale and how they work.

Let’s learn how to refill a vape pen at home.

How to refill a closed system vape device

A closed system is when the vape liquid is in the cartridge and cannot be refilled. Therefore, a vaper must replace the whole cartridge rather than buy a liquid to manually refill it. When the vape pen starts to not perform as well as it once did, it’s time to swap out the cartridge. To replace your cartridge, here are the basic steps involved.

  • Unscrew the used cartridge and throw it away responsibly.
  • Take your new vape cartridge and screw it back into the battery. You should hear or see it lock in place. The cartridge should be securely attached. If it is loose, remove the cartridge and try to attach it again.

You may be tempted to try and refill a closed system vape device like an open system. However, you can’t. Those that have tried to refill a closed system usually damage the integrity of the pod, which leads to leaking, and then there’s no choice other than to buy a new vape device. If you desire to refill your vape device, opt for an open system.

How to refill an open system vape device

An open system vape device is what most people refer to when looking for how to refill a vape pen. An open system device allows you to top up manually the open pod, aka where vape liquid is stored on your device. You should see a clear window where you can tell what amount of liquid is left. Here are the steps involved in refilling an open system vape device.

  • Remove the pod from the vape battery. This will disconnect any sort of battery power involved.
  • Find the rubber cover over the fill port and lift it to show the filling hole.
  • Your vape liquid bottle has a nozzle and will fit directly into the filling hole. Do so. Tilt the vaping pod at a slight angle and slowly fill the pod with e-liquid. Try to avoid air pockets. This is why it’s always advisable to go slow.
  • Leave a small air bubble at the top of the pod. Do not overfill it. When done, seal your device’s fill hole with the rubber cover.
  • If there is excess vape liquid around the rubber bung or if you had a drop over the surrounding area, wipe away any liquid there.
  • Now you’re ready to replace the pod with the battery.

How to refill a vape tank

Your vape device may have a vape tank. Tanks are not pods. They have a different way to refill them. There are bottom vape tanks that fill from the bottom and top vape tanks, which you do from the top. To refill your vape tank, here’s how.

  • First, unscrew the tank from the vape pen battery. If it’s a bottom vape tank, unscrew the base off the tank. If it’s a top vape tank, unscrew the top.
  • Put the nozzle of the vape liquid bottle into the fill hole to the side of the tank. Be careful not to fill the center chimney. The fill hole will always be to the side of your tank. It may be covered with a rubber seal to restrict the amount of air put into the tank while refilling.
  • When this rubber seal is there, push the tip of the vape juice bottle through the seal.
  • Tilt the tank to avoid air pockets when filling. Go slow. Slowly squeeze your bottle of vape juice.
  • Leave an air bubble at the top, assuring there have been no overfilling or spills.
  • Replace the base of the tank, ensure it is screwed on tightly, and wipe away any excess liquid.
  • Replace the tank with your e-cigarette battery.

Don’t get any vape juice on the mouthpiece

Avoid getting any vape juice on the mouthpiece. It tastes terrible. It’s a very pure liquid and is designed to be vaped. It is not supposed to be tasted like that. If you spill it and don’t wipe it, a vape will taste bad. You may notice some flooding as well if you overfill.

The same problem could present in terms of taste. You might hear gurgling from the device and notice less vapour as well. Be very careful when refilling a vape pen.