Top 12 Moving Day Tips for Homeowners

Moving day can be an exciting day. However, it can also be highly stressful. It is usually a hectic day that starts with an early morning and ends with a late night. The hours in between are packed with organizing, arranging, and cleaning. To ensure that your moving day goes as smoothly as possible, ensure you are prepared.

Follow these easy tips to make the transition to your new home fun and seamless.

Tip #1: Make a list.

A detailed list will be your best friend on moving day. It will help you stay organized and ensure you don’t forget anything important. Write down all the things you need to do on moving day, both at your old home and the new location. Write down everyone’s responsibilities during the move to ensure your helpers know what they have to accomplish.

It is also a good idea to jot down the name and phone number of the moving company and any other important information you may need handy throughout the day. For example, if you are using portable storage container rentals, ensure you keep the essential information in your list.

Tip #2: Wake up early.

The night before you move, set the alarm and plan to get up early. There will be a lot of tasks that need to get done, and you will need more time than you think to accomplish them. Avoid hitting the snooze button on the morning that you move and go to bed a bit earlier than usual to ensure you are well-rested.

Tip #3: Arrange for a babysitter.

Having children and pets around on moving day is a recipe for disaster. Not only will they keep you preoccupied, but they can also get in the way and may end up seriously hurt. During a move, doors will be propped open, leaving an easy escape route for animals and kids to wander off. To avoid all of this, arrange for a babysitter. They will be able to keep your kids and pets safe from harm and allow you to focus on keeping your move organized.

Tip #4: Pack a cooler.

A cooler will come in handy on moving day. You will inevitably become hungry and thirsty during your move and will be grateful for having a cool drink handy. Stock your cooler with juice and water to keep you hydrated. You can also pack fresh fruit and sandwiches to munch on as you move.

Tip #5: Have your cleaning supplies ready.

Cleaning up after yourself is essential when leaving your old home. Make sure you keep a broom, mop, cleaning cloth, and some cleaning solution aside to ensure your home is sparkling for its new owners. Sweep and mop the floors, wipe out all cabinets, and wipe everything down in the bathroom.

Tip #6: Do a final walk-through.

Before leaving your old home for good, do one last walk-through. Check every closet, drawer, and cupboard for items you may have forgotten to pack. Ensure you go through the basement, attic, garage, and shed.

Tip #7: Dress appropriately.

Make sure that you wear appropriate clothing on moving day. You want to wear something comfortable that you can move around in quickly. Choose breathable materials that keep you cool, and wear shoes that protect your feet.

Tip #8: Finish packing the day before.

Nothing is more stressful than still having to pack up on moving day. This day should be focused on simply moving your stuff from one home to the next. To ensure that the moving day goes as smoothly as possible, ensure all your packing is done the night before. Keep out only the essentials you will need in the morning and have the rest of your possessions packed away.

Tip #9: Eat a hearty breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – especially on moving day! Since the moving day will be hectic, it is hard to predict when you may have time to eat. To ensure you have all the energy you need to lift boxes and move heavy furniture, eat a filling and wholesome breakfast first thing in the morning.

Tip #10: Expect the unexpected.

No matter how much you plan, something unexpected will always arise on moving days. By expecting the unexpected, you can save yourself a lot of stress. Be ready to roll with the punches and go with the flow.

Tip #11: Don’t turn off your utilities the day you move.

You are going to need running water and electricity on moving day. When you speak to your utility company, you have all utilities turned off the day after moving day. This ensures you can still run the lights and have water for washing up.

Tip #12: Keep a first aid kit handy.

Moving can be a dangerous business. Cuts, scrapes, bumps, and bruises are bound to happen when you are lugging around furniture and heavy boxes. Keep a first aid kit handy with all the essentials to ensure you are prepared in case of an accident.

Don’t let moving day be an overwhelming experience. By following these twelve simple steps, prepare for everything that may come your way. If moving yourself seems like too big of a task, enlist the help of a professional. They can help you organize and facilitate your move, control your stress levels and get you into your new home in no time.