Top 4 Things to Know Before Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Choosing to give yourself a new start and jump into a career in the real estate business can be an incredibly exciting and invigorating experience. However, making sure that it’s the right move for you before you start out can make a world of difference. The reality is that this is a career move that will require intense dedication and hard work, so it’s important that you take into consideration the top four things that everyone should know before becoming a real estate agent.

1. Get Ready to Be Told “No”

The truth is that the word most commonly heard by real estate professionals will be “no.” Whether this is because the client has decided that they no longer wish to list their home with you, they don’t want to see any more properties, or they hate the property that you thought would be perfect for them, you should expect to hear the word on a daily, if not hourly basis. Rejection is a harsh but true part of working in this industry, and in order to make it through, you’re going to need some pretty tough skin. Please visit Chestnut Park for additional information.

2. You’ll Be Working Non-stop

When you decide to become a real estate agent, you can pretty much say goodbye to a simple nine to five kind of job. This is a career that takes complete dedication and commitment, meaning that you can say goodbye to those weekend activities. Turning yourself into a success will require you to be available to clients at all hours of the day and night, all week long because if you’re not, one of your competitors surely will be.

3. Your Phone Will Become Part of You

One of the most important characteristics of a great real estate agent is their continuous availability, which means that you can expect to be on your phone quite a bit. Additionally, the only way that you’ll be able to build up your client list is to reach out to potential buyers and sellers. You can honestly expect to be making at least 100 to 150 calls per day, not including when you’re the one being contacted instead. Make sure that you always have a working phone and a charger nearby so that your clients feel that you’re making them a true priority at every moment.

4. Have Money Saved Up Ahead of Time

When you start off in the real estate industry, getting yourself off the ground and building up a list of clients can seem impossible. And the reality is that the number of months between when you start out on your first day to when you receive that first commission check won’t ever be set in stone. Remember that it’s possible to achieve your agent licensing without having to leave a full time or at least part-time position, and having a secondary source of income when you’re starting out can make a world of difference. The more money you have sitting in the bank beforehand, the more secure you’ll feel in really putting in the time where it counts.