What Are the Five Vape Juice Ingredients?

Many users know what is inside their favoured method regarding recreational smoking. Nonetheless, the habit has persisted for centuries and has been transformed into many alternatives. One of the mainstay ingredients found in conventional forms of smoking is nicotine.

Nicotine is a substance that can be found in one of the many forms available for recreational smoking too. For example, many users who have turned to vape may also be aware of nicotine’s presence. Upon closer inspection, you will find other ingredients inside a device’s vape juice. Vape juice Canada is a complex liquid comprised of many unique components.

Here are the main vape juice ingredients

1. Nicotine ingredients

As mentioned previously, virtually all forms of smoking contain nicotine inside. Its presence is heavy for those previously engaged with traditional smoking methods. Other formats, such as vaping, may contain varying chemical levels, depending on how it is used.

Users often favour vape juices due to the flexibility of nicotine content inside. Furthermore, many users may prefer to have as little of the chemical inside as possible. To get a stronger hit, others may decide to get a vape juice with higher nicotine content. It is flexible, depending on what is sought out!

2. Glycerin ingredients

Vape juice is the most important aspect of any vaping session. That is because, without it, you will find that the session is non-existent. Your chosen vaping device heats the vape juice to become the vapour we seek. Once the vapour is in your mouth, you should feel a sweet, pleasant taste.

That taste usually stems from the glycerin content that is inside vape juice. Glycerin is an odourless and colourless substance, but it is required for most approved vape juices. It can also be found in various other consumable products. You may even see it being used in prescriptive medicine as well.

3. Propylene glycol ingredients

Similar in vein to glycerin, there are other ingredients to know about that come in a comparable format. Propylene glycol, also known as PG, rounds out the trifecta of mainstay ingredients in vape juice. It is a substance made in a lab and approved by the designated health regulatory body.

Propylene glycol creates vapour when it boils down to its primary function. Once the vape juice reaches a certain point, the liquid will transform into a gaseous form. Then, the vape user can inhale and exhale the substance as they see fit.

4. Flavouring ingredients

Those who favour vaping as their primary smoking method will know that it can be customized accordingly. For instance, many users will look at the assortment of flavours available. Standard flavours, such as mint, will be easily consumable and pleasant to experience.

The reason for this has to do with several flavoured ingredients added to the vape juice. These are smaller dosages of additives approved by the right regulatory authority. Even though their presence is smaller, they play a huge role in being able to grant maximum user satisfaction. If you were wondering about what makes your vape juice flavoured, it is due to these fixings!

5. Modified glycerin ingredients

As mentioned previously, glycerin is a substance in vape juice that is one of the mainstay ingredients. However, since an assortment of substances is inside, glycerin could be modified. That is because many users have requested vape juices customized to their preferences.

Some forms of glycerin could be made out of animal fat, as opposed to being made out of vegetables. Even still, it is less common to use the vape juice ingredient. Almost all glycerin forms are made from a vegetable base to allow for the desired outcome. However, that does not mean that it is the only form of chemical out there.

6. Other Ingredients

Vape juice may or may not contain several other elements inside the oil. It is up to you to take the initiative to determine what is within the vape juice. The best way to do this is simply by asking a professional the right questions. Head to your local vaping shop, and bring your curiosity with you.

A professional can assist you with making you as comfortable as you can be. It never hurts to double-check what other ingredients may be inside the vape juice. After all, your safety must be prioritized before and after your vaping experience!