4 Packing Tips to Help You Move Fragile Items

Moving is such a headache, isn’t it? Well, unfortunately, even if you happen to be the king (or queen) of procrastinators, at some point, you had better get your act together! It is a busy and stressful time with so many things to do, take care of and prepare.

Organization plays a huge role so that you can avoid any disasters. Disasters always happen at the last minute! One thing you really need to be concerned about is moving the items that are breakable or fragile. Here are some of the best tips to help you to move these items safely so that they arrive intact.

1. Glassware

When you want to pack your glassware, the first thing you need is a box and preferably, a smaller box. Get yourself those packing peanuts. You may already have some, but if not, you can get them easily. You can even use old newspapers and scrunch them into balls. Use this to place at the bottom of the box. Use packing paper to wrap each item individually.

Make sure to place these by using their strongest position. In other words, placing these items on their side exposes their weakness and you certainly don’t want that as it is more likely to break. If you see spaces between items, fill it up with those packing peanuts or scrunched up papers. Then, add a final layer of peanuts or papers on top and then seal the box off.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors are always a worry. Accidents can still happen but do your best to reduce the chances of this happening. Cover the mirror in its entirety using bubble wrap. Once done, use corrugated cardboard on top of that. Then, place it into a carton and make sure it is secure and doesn’t slide about. You may have also noticed some people use packing tape to make a huge “X” on the mirror. This is just in case it does break and if it does, at least there will be fewer loose shards of glass.

3. Electronics

As you know, electronics are sensitive things and the ideal situation when packing these away is to use the very same boxes or packaging they came in. Some people keep these while others discard them immediately. If you do not have the original packaging, then use another box using the packing peanuts mentioned earlier.

Next, use bubble wrap for the device. If there are any removable parts, take these off first. Add more packing peanuts at the top and make sure everything is tight and secure. Any removable components can be sealed in a plastic bag and placed in the box, so at least it’s kept together and you don’t have to look for it later.

4. Lamps & Bulbs

Before you pack these away, make sure to remove the bulbs and shades. Some people actually do not do either and while sometimes nothing happens, the risk of damage is greater when these are still attached. Once removed, you can wrap them individually. Make sure to wrap the cords and keep them neat and secure or it could cause an accident or it could get caught and damaged.

Make sure to label all your packages and boxes that contain breakable items. This way, you, or the movers will know to be extra careful with them. Things like “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP” will help to keep your items safe, unless the movers don’t read English, in which case, you may have 7 years of bad luck!