4 Reasons to Test Your Family’s Genealogy


Whether you are just generally interested in your background or are composing an in-depth family tree, you are searching for ways to determine your country of origin and all the information you can get about your genealogy.

The good news is, DNA ancestry tests have become popular and easily accessible to those researching their family background.  Below are 4 benefits of undergoing such a test and the types of information it can give you in the results that you will receive.

1. Finding your relatives & tracing ancestors

A DNA ancestry test is a great way to understand your family tree. You can check your DNA test results and those of your DNA matches and their family trees. This helps in finding who your ancestors are based on your results and those of your matches. Given that people inherit 50 percent of each parent’s DNA and half of their subsequent generation, you are given the opportunity to estimate who your ancestors are from the results you are provided with.

If you have living relatives and you do not know how to find them, ancestry genetic tests can help you. Several tests can be carried out on both parents’ DNA and this can help you trace your living family members. Using the test results and surnames, you can search on online databases that provide DNA ancestry information. This way you can find any distant relatives and connect with them.

2. Tracing your place of origin

Many people are interested in knowing their country and region of origin. Thanks to DNA ancestry tests, you can be able to determine where your ancestors originally came from. Autosomal DNA testing companies provide results that can assist in estimating where your ancestors originated. This will, therefore, tell your origin based on the DNA you have inherited. The higher the percentage of your ethnicity estimate, the more likely you originated from that region.

You can also take your DNA test results and compare them to others from across the world. If your DNA matches more with people of a specific region, then you can conclude your ancestors must have a relationship with those people. This can tell you the geographical areas that your family came from.

3. Affordable and fun

DNA ancestry test is essential in understanding your family tree and origin. This process is very affordable and can be carried out by almost anyone. Unlike previously where people relied on testing with costs up to $5000 to carry out, you can now conduct the test on your own.

The process is also easy and fun. You can buy a test kit and do a DNA test after which you can compare your results with others to get more information about your family. You may want to attempt to prove that you are a descendant of a famous figure. If there is any merit to this contention, then an ancestry DNA test can help you prove it. All you are required to do is compare your results and those of your DNA matches.

4. You can add your results to databases

Testing companies have databases where you can add your tests results. The collection of several results provides more data for other people interested in learning about their ancestry.

Once you share your results, they show up when people search on these databases. They may be able to see the matches you have in common which can help them research more about their DNA matches. This can also provide an opportunity to connect with family members you never even know you had.

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