5 Features of Flexible Packaging Supplies

There are literally millions upon millions of products all over the world on shelves. These products come in various shapes and sizes. They use all kinds of different yet similar packaging. Some of them stand out more than others for any number of reasons. Manufacturers have to come up with ways of making packages stand out from the rest and this can be really challenging.

One way that is often overlooked but has the ability to catch the eye is flexible packaging, such as stand-up pouches. Let’s take a closer look at this method and look at some of its advantages.

1. Strong & Durable

Stand-up pouches are considered to be flexible packaging and can be made with several materials, such as plastic and aluminum. This makes them strong and durable and it can protect the contents within, especially if they are food products, from physical and environmental hazards as a result of being stored or transported. They are also the perfect packaging when it comes to experimentation.

Manufacturers can play around so that they can come up with attractive designs, making it more attractive or appealing to the consumer. This helps draw someone towards it and could end up being a sale that may otherwise never have happened. Packaging can be made more convenient and usable with the addition of spouts and zip locks.

2. Customizable

Another advantage of flexible packaging is that they are very customizable. Whatever unique needs your product may have, the manufacturer will be able to customize it accordingly so that you get the exact package that will work for you. Packages can be made into any size or shape for your business needs. As a result, this will allow the manufacturer to have a bit of an edge over their competition.

3. Safety & Quality Materials

Everyone knows that when it comes to food, there is a very high standard which is governed by strict regulations. Flexible packaging is made from the top quality packaging supplies and this enables the packaging to be safe for foods that use it.

The materials used will need to be approved by the relevant authorities and only when it is can it be used to package food. This means that it will be free of contaminants as well as being safe. Apart from this, manufacturers have the ability to further enhance safety by adding things such as ultraviolet protection.

4. Creativity & Versatility

Retailers truly appreciate product packaging that is both creative and versatile. This is why flexible packaging is great for these retailers because it is exactly what they need and makes their life easier and more convenient.

Such packages, like stand-up pouches can not only be stood on a shelf, they can have a small opening at the top which allows it to be placed through a peg so that several can be hanged this way to make a neat, convenient display which can be easily removed by customers.

5. Reusable & Environmentally Friendly

These types of packages are reusable and convenient, something that is appreciated by customers. It can also help to increase sales. To make these pouches, it does not really require many resources to produce them. Going green also helps the manufacturers.

The printing on these packages can be really striking. Text and logos come out very nicely and will be eye-catching. Also, when products such as liquids are placed into it, the bottom can expand. All in all, flexible packages are one of the best forms of packaging foods and liquids with so many other benefits and advantages.