5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Driveway Alarm

Homeowners go to great lengths to protect their property. Whether it’s by alarm, camera, sensor, or more; there are a wide variety of products they can choose from. One of the most popular options is the driveway alarm system. This piece of technology is not only easy to use but instantly boosts the safety levels of a home.

If you don’t already have one installed, see below for the top reasons why you should install a driveway alarm system today.

1. First Form of Detection

The driveway, or the front lawn, is the first thing that people walk on to get to a home. Because this is the first area that an intruder can enter from, it is vital to monitor it. Not having a driveway alarm system installed means you may not be notified someone is on your property until it is too late.

The driveway alarm is designed to detect movement or disturbances to the designated area.  If it does detect movement, a notification will be sent directly to you.  Being notified before an intruder reaches your home give you more time to react than a standard home alarm. With a longer reaction time, the chances of your being able to call the police, and get help are increased.

2. Can Be Buried or Wireless

There are two different types of driveway alarm systems that are available for homeowners. Driveway alarm systems can either be buried beneath your driveway, or simply connected wirelessly to an internet router. Although these two types of systems function similarly, the main difference between the two is the installation process.

A buried driveway alarm system can be more disruptive to your home and take more time to complete. That’s why if you have concerns about damaging your driveway, pick a wireless alarm. The wireless system has a quick and easy installation process that is done simply by programming the device and connecting it to a router.

3. They Vary in Cost

Installing a driveway alarm doesn’t have to be a costly ordeal. That’s because, there are systems that fit every price point. Prior to purchasing do your research to narrow down your exact needs from a driveway alarm, and which retailer can offer you the best price.

4. Monitor Activity While Away


The great thing about installing a driveway alarm system is that you can monitor it even while you are away from the home. This means, you can receive alerts directly to your phone regardless of how far you are. Having these notifications sent to you can give you peace of mind that your home is being protected regardless of your presence.

Even if an emergency were to occur, you would get the notification as soon as soon as the alarm is triggered and be able to call the authorities immediately to investigate.

5. Easy to Use

Using and maintaining a driveway alarm system is easy to do. Simply program the device by indicating the area you want it to cover, and how you want it to react. If you installed a wireless system, you’ll then be able to connect the alarm to other devices that use a wireless connection.

This means everything from your phone, to computer, and other home monitoring devices can be programmed to receive a notification to sync with it. Having the alarm connected to other devices means you’ll never miss a notification, and always be prepared in case of an emergency.