5 Ways to Extinguish a Fire in Your Kitchen


The mainstream media constantly bombard us with warnings about how important it is to have a fire alarm, a fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide detector. The fire department regularly issues notifications in the neighbourhood, too.

It is true that these features are imperative for any home, but they do not go far enough. So, what is another function to have in your home? It’s easy: a fire blanket.

In the event that your fire alarm didn’t alert you to smoke and fire, and your home becomes engulfed in flames, a fire blanket is an essential tool. They are extremely useful to have in case of a fire because they are non-flammable and can resist temperatures as high as 500 degrees Celsius. Some even make the case that they are more effective than a fire extinguisher because the average person doesn’t have any experience with the device.

You just cover yourself with a fire blanket, correct? There’s more to it than that.

Here are five tips to properly and safely use a fire blanket at home or work:

1. Protect Your Hands Inside the Blanket

Whether you are trying to flee your home or you are attempting to roll on the ground, you must protect your hands inside the fire blanket. In an emergency, can be difficult to remember this basic tip, but the only way to safely escape the wrath of flames, you must tuck your hands inside the blanket, otherwise you may lose your grip.

2. Shield Yourself When Approaching Flames

Once again, if you are trying to leave the office or the home, and there are flames scattered across the property, you must shield yourself and others when approaching these flames.

The fire blanket should try to cover all of your body, and the bodies of the little ones.

If you are with someone else, you mustn’t sprint outside because you may injure yourself.

3. A Kitchen Fire? Use a Fire Blanket

Many are unaware of this, but you can utilize a fire blanket to put out a kitchen fire.
That’s right. Whether an immense flame is emanating from a pan or the oven is starting to get on fire, you can use a fire blanket to either eliminate the flames or minimize the fire.

4. Turn Off Heating Source

This could be hard to do, especially if the fire is blazing, but you can only quash a fire in a kitchen by turning off the heating source.
If the stove is still on and the fires are still raging, you won’t successful kill it with a fire blanket. You must attempt to turn off the stove before throwing the fire blanket onto the fire.

5. Call the Fire Department & Seek Medical Aid

Finally, once all the smoke has cleared, all the dust has settled, all the fire has been put out, you should call your local fire department and emergency paramedics for medical assistance.

By doing this, you ensure that your home is safe to return to and you guarantee that you have not endured anything significantly harmful to your health, like smoke or burns.

Like a first-aid kit, a fire alarm and a carbon monoxide detector (or even a fire extinguisher), a fire blanket is a must-have in all homes. They are the final lifeline in the event of a serious fire within the home, and it will ensure that you can absquatulate from the premises when the flames are just too immense. As long as you correctly and properly use the fire blanket, you will be safe and secure when you exit the home.

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