5 Winter Landscaping Tips to Prepare Your Lawn in Spring

The weather outside is frightful, and you’re already begging for Old Man Winter to scram. Subzero temperatures, heavy snowfall, early evenings. That’s life in the Great White North now.

When you’re a homeowner, you’re just itching to get your hands dirty by plunging them into the soil. You’re just wishing that May and June would arrive as quickly as possible so that you can cut your grass, grow your plants, and make your lawn look pristine.

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible at the moment because all of the snow engulfing your property. But that doesn’t mean you can’t establish strategies and measures to employ ahead of spring’s grand entrance – filled with a Strauss waltz and a Tim Hortons iced cappuccino!

Since you likely have more than enough time, why not conjure up a game plan now?

Here are five early landscaping tips for your lawn:

1. Get Off My Lawn (or Just Clean it)

It might be difficult when there is a foot of snow on your yard, but you can still try to clear your lawn from garbage and debris. Moreover, when the snow eventually melts away – similar to what happened in Toronto in early January – you can grab your rake and just rake away.

Preparing your lawn for spring is easy when it’s nice and clean.

2. Water Your Plants

How many plants do you have in your front lawn and backyard? Here is another question: have you neglected them this winter?

No matter how many plants you have, or how much you have neglected them, you should consider watering your plants and any other trees, shrubs or perennials during the winter months. But experts say that it would only be wise to water them when it’s above the freezing mark.

3. Examine Your Hand Tools & Equipment

Another way to get ready for spring, and to avoid headaches once winter finishes up for another year, is to examine your hand tools, garden equipment, and even lawn mower. By doing this, you can repair, replace, or update when you’re not actively caring for your yard.

A thin blade on your lawn mower? Replace it. Your rake falling apart? Get a new one. Your power tool missing a part? Repair it.

It is the simple things that you can do today that can make landscaping easier to begin tomorrow.

4. Assess Your Overall Yard

Let’s be honest: since many homeowners are eager and impetuous to start doing some good old-fashioned landscaping, they tend to miss the big picture: the overall lawn.

For instance, if it isn’t too cold outside, stand on your front porch and just assess and inspect your lawn. This could consist of understanding the soil type, the sun and shade patterns, the quality of the tree on your lawn, and other landscaping measures that you can employ.

When you’re too excited, and you start to trim the grass and plant sunflowers, you forget to determine what is right for your lawn and what will hurt the yard.

5. Notice Weeds? Eradicate Them Now

Yes, you might be too focused on all that snow you continually shovel. But when the snow is gone, your next target is weeds. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

Here is a simple trick you can do in the winter to kill weeds: use a water hose to saturate the weeds, place a cardboard with two to four inches of shredded mulch on the weeds, and let it sit there until you’re ready for spring.

This way, you won’t need to go on your knees to rip out the weeds, or you won’t be required to purchase a weed fertilizer.

How many days until the warm weather? That is a question that many Canadians are probably asking at this very moment. Before you know it, spring will be here, and you won’t need to twiddle your thumbs any longer. When we transition from winter into spring, you can start getting to work on your lawn, perform rudimentary landscaping duties, and ensure you have the best looking yard in the entire neighbourhood.