6 Items in Your List of Kitchen Supplies for New Apartment


When moving into a new apartment, one of the greatest joys is shopping for new products, furniture and cookware the place. Whereas packing and planning ways to move can be a hassle, there’s a special kind of joy in finding the best deals on brand new objects.

Moving into a new condo apartment gives you a chance to re-invent yourself while at the same time finding things that will suit your new digs. For young, college students, it’s the first time in your life you have an entire living space in which to express yourself. For those who just got out of a relationship, it’s a newfound sense of freedom to make decisions on your own.

One of the most fun rooms to decorate is the kitchen. The variety of glasses, cutlery and plates on the market alone offers a world of combinations and new sensibilities – that’s to say nothing of the appliances you always wanted but never had room or purpose for in your previous living situation. Make sure you include the following six items in your list of kitchen supplies for new apartment:

1. Plates, cutlery and glasses

For the first few days of the move, you can stick to paper plates, plastic forks and one or two glasses carried over from your old place and may be too lazy or busy to make the right decision for the kind of dish set that speaks to you, but the sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s not only stylish to be socially conscious, but a set of plates will tell dinner guests a lot about you. If you just pick up a random set at a dollar store, you’re probably a young, struggling student. If, however, you pick up a fancier set from a specialty store, it suggests a certain level of status.

2. Coffee Maker


Whether you have a job or class, coffee is something with which you’re going to probably make fast friends. It’s rare for someone to groggily wake up, dress and have breakfast without a cup of joe. The most popular devices, and worthy of investing in, is a Kuerig machine.

These devices work faster than older, more classic coffee makers, requiring a simple small plastic cup of coffee put inside the machine and instantly mixing with water to fill your cup in one of three sizes. There is, however, something to be said for the novelty of the old pitchers of coffee makers.

3. Pots and Pans

If it’s your first apartment, it’s best to keep it simple and pick up a kitchen starter kit from the store. If, however, you consider yourself an amatuer chef, there are a number of differently sized pots and pans on the market you’re going to need.

Large stock pots, sauce pans and frying pans are going to be a necessity. In addition, for the baker inside you, a rimmed baking sheet, large caserole dish and a good muffin pan should grace the cupboards of your kitchen.

4. Kitchen Tools

You’re going to need more than just knives and forks, particularly if you plan on making great food. Wax paper, aluminum foil and cling wrap will come in handy both for cooking and storage. A toaster or toaster oven will definitely be necessary for morning toast. To ensure you’re following recipe directions to the letter, you’ll need a good collection of measuring cups, spoons and mixing bowls.

When you’re stocking a kitchen, there are a lot of miscellaneous items that you once were so used to having at your previous home, you may overlook purchasing. You became so used to having them in the kitchen, you just sort of assumed they came with the kitcchen.

Avoid this common mistake and be sure to make a checklist of items such as a can opener, spatula, whisk, a silverware organizer, dish towels and oven mitts. You’ll thank yourself after you’re unpacked and don’t have that moment where you realize you have to head back out to the store.

5. Spices

One of the most important and overlooked ingredient in any meal is the melange of spices that combine to add that extra kick of flavour to an otherwise generic meat or vegetable. So be sure to pick up a spice rack and include it in your list of kitchen supplies for new apartment. Start with the bare essentials such as salt and pepper, cinammon and garlic powder.

From there, explore what you prefer; if you like your food spicy, go for spices like paprika, cumin, cayenne and chili powder. To complete any Italian dish, basil and oregano are essential. For any baked meat, some combination of rosemary, thyme or bay leaves would perfect the flavour.

6. Pantry Essentials

Your list of kitchen supplies for new apartment should include the essentials for baking and cooking. Flour, sugar, baking powder and baking soda, vanilla extract, cooking oil and vinegar will come in handy and cover even the most basic meals or beverages. But condiments like soy sauce, ketchup, and mustard should always stock the door of your fridge.

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